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Research-based, personalized therapy.

We use research-based, personalized therapy methods with proven efficacy for anxiety, depression, trauma, &  relationship issues.

Not your average therapists.

Our highly vetted therapists are selected not only for their clinical acumen, but for who they are: for their unrelenting commitment to their own, ongoing personal and professional growth.

Free Resource for Anxiety & Depression

Use our free tool to learn scientifically proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to overcome irrational thoughts and see yourself in more empowering, peaceful, and realistic ways.

Personalized Therapist Matching

When you’re struggling and seeking help, the last thing you need is to wade through a slew of therapists, only to find they aren’t a fit. At My LA Therapy, we take the time to dive into your unique needs to match you with a therapist who fits your style, schedule, and budget. 

Anxiety & Depression Therapy

From anxiety and depression to OCDpanic disorder, & more

Relationships & Couples Therapy

We specialize in attachment, relationships, couples, & codependency

Trauma Therapy

We use a wide range of evidence-based therapy modalities for trauma & complex PTSD

Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching

What Our Therapy Clients Say

Practical, actionable feedback.

One of the many things that sets us apart from most therapists is that we provide practical skills that allow you to take tangible action steps to overcome your mental health challenges and reach your goals. 

What Makes Us Different

What Sets My LA Therapy Apart

We don't just listen. We challenge you.

While active listening and empathy are essential, we recognize that meaningful and enduring change comes from challenging you to think and exist differently with feedback that is compassionate, honest, and actionable. 

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Locations in West LA, Culver City & Santa Monica.

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Interrupt unconscious patterns.

Our therapists are specially trained to bring unconscious patterns to your conscious awareness. As you become aware of what was previously unconscious to you, we help you interrupt these patterns and relate to them with a sense of empowered agency. 

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