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My LA Therapy Mar Vista & Santa Monica

Helping others create change in their lives is something I am deeply passionate about. For the past decade, I have been invested in helping others to heal, grow and live in their full potential, and have worked with a variety of populations in an array of settings. I recognize that asking for help is often no simple task. I believe therapy is an invitation to delve deeper into your truth so that you can live an authentic, full life. It’s a vulnerable process and a unique experience for every being, though can be transformational.

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Santa Monica & Mar Vista Therapy

I see counseling as a collaborative relationship that moves individuals along the path to empowerment and self-awareness. I am deeply committed to helping clients focus on their goals and build on existing strengths to cope with life’s challenges in a safe, open, and non-judgmental environment. I consider myself to be an eclectic and integrative therapist and tailor my style to the needs of each client, focusing on meeting each individual on where they are in their journey.

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Mar Vista Therapist

I am a licensed psychoanalytic psychotherapist, mental health therapist and drug and alcohol counselor. Through over a decade of working with people who are suffering from various issues, anxiety, depression, addiction, personality disorders and psychosis, I have developed an approach to the work that attempts to enable my patients to recognize, understand and, through the act of speech, bring to light the ways that self-limiting beliefs have shaped the way they interact in and with the world around them. This work goes on outside of the therapy session and will inform how you feel and see the changes occurring in their everyday life.

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