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“In a time of debilitating hopelessness and fear, My LA Therapy provided a beacon of light, a safe place to land, and a path forward. I’ve finally overcome problems I once thought were impossible to change. I now know that all of the shame and fear I once thought were insurmountable are only obstacles I needed to face to become stronger. I’ve discovered a new sense of peace and purpose. I feel like a new person and I feel capable of of facing anything that comes my way. ”
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“After every session I come away feeling better prepared to start shining light into shadows I've hustled past for a long, long time... some rational ones, but a lot more aren't. Shame is such a stealthy master; He's been the monkey on my back for a long time. You totally called it. I'm so grateful for your guidance and skill and although sometimes I may shuffle and others I may leap, after our sessions I always feel like I'm moving forward.”

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