Samantha Chaikin, LMFT
Monica Dornick, AMFT
Erica Arnold, AMFT, APCC
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Since 2016, my clinical work has focused on a variety of presenting concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, PTSD, childhood abuse, grief/loss and personality disorders. I have worked with a variety of chronic pain and illness conditions including PCOS, mast cell disorders, MS, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, immune deficiencies and many more. I believe that psychotherapy can be a way to gain a better understanding of oneself and provide an individual with insight into their own life. Having awareness surrounding one’s thoughts and feelings can lead to a more fulfilling and mindful existence. I believe that the therapeutic relationship formed with my clients can be in and of itself a healing experience and really a branching off point towards the road of self-discovery. The therapy room is truly a safe space to explore who you are and who you want to become.

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As an integrative and collaborative therapist, I am passionate about weaving a creative, holistic, and trauma-informed approach into my work with you. As a former athlete and first responder, I understand the connection between mind and body, tuning into both the emotional and physical sensations you may be experiencing using mindfulness techniques. I believe the process of therapy is a radical act of self-compassion to be celebrated. My desire is to empower you in actualizing your true authenticity and developing skills to improve relationships with others and most importantly the relationship with yourself. Therapy can be an enlightening and amazing journey and can bring up a lot of pain while the healing happens. Through these harder sessions I will be walking alongside you in your experience.

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Throughout life, we experience a number of hurdles and challenges that are sometimes difficult to tackle alone. This can leave us feeling stuck and unsure of how to get around them. As your therapist and co-traveler, I will strive to meet you where you’re at and provide guidance to discover the hidden possibilities for growth and transformation within the problems you encounter. I work with individuals to help provide objective insight, improve confidence and self-worth, and to empower you to feel a greater sense of peace, self-acceptance, and improved relational connections. I specialize in depression, anxiety, and trauma, and I provide support for people going through significant life changes. I believe that offering a combination of compassion and truth are the keys to healing. Considering each of your uniqueness, I make an effort to respect and learn about your individual needs and tailor my treatment modalities to you: your values, your concerns, and what is most effective for your healing and growth.