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Brooke Sprowl, LCSW

About Brooke

Our pain doesn’t mean we’re broken. Our pain is beckoning us to reignite our soul’s deepest truths, dreams, ideals, and possibilities.

Brooke Sprowl

My desire is to help you come to a point where depression, loneliness, and anxiety are no longer controlling factors in your life and are replaced by courage, self-love, and deep relational connections. When you learn tools to excavate and integrate the parts of yourself you left behind, you are capable of facing and becoming more than you can imagine.

During our sessions, we will practice a new way of being and gradually you will carry the experience of peace, security, and confidence into every aspect of your life. With over a decade of experience working with individuals, couples, and families as well as through my own personal psychological work, I have developed an astute awareness of how human beings change and how to create deep shifts in communication and relationships.

My primary specializations are depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationships with special passion for couples therapy, codependency, dating and individual issues with relationships and romantic partnerships. Because I have gone through the trenches of my own struggles with depression, anxiety, and relationship problems, my expertise comes from having faced my own demons and overcome them so I have an experiential knowledge of how to help people, not just an intellectual one. While I am an astute learner and revel in theory, my psychology and relational expertise is from living, not from a book.


Brooke is a public speaker and psychology expert contributor for television, film, podcasts, radio, and digital and print media. Topics of her expertise include a broad-spanning topics including anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma, spirituality, coparenting, dating, and more, as well as discussion of various therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Experiential Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. Please see links below for more information on Brooke’s past and upcoming features and contributions. You can also visit our blog.

How I Work

I take a very active role as a therapist. I am a straight shooter and don’t hold back because I believe you’re in therapy not only to be understood and validated but also to receive valuable feedback about your blindspots and how you can take responsibility for changing.

What makes me different from other therapists is that I rapidly recognize your blind spots and point them out to you, making the connection between what I’m observing in session and what you’re struggling with outside of session. We correct these defense mechanisms together in real-time within the session and uncover what’s beneath them– what you’ve been running from and protecting yourself from. As we unearth these deeply buried aspects of the psyche hidden behind our defenses, our wounds begin to heal and we become empowered to trust ourselves and change our lives.

I want to help you become free from the feeling that your love for yourself is contingent upon your success, performance, perfection, or external circumstances. As such, you will come to know that the real, uncensored, struggling, hurt you is loved exactly as you are.

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Brooke has really helped me to overcome the problems in my life that I was starting to believe couldn’t change. I now understand where my depression and anxiety came from and they are no longer a part of my life. I now feel a sense of peace and purpose.

Anonymous Client

I’ve recommended Brooke to so many of my friends and colleagues, I’m starting to feel like her personal cheerleader. But it can’t be helped. When I look back on the past year, without a doubt the most difficult year of my life, I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

Anonymous Client

Brooke has been an incredibly positive influence in my life. I first came to Brooke in the midst of a divorce from my high school sweetheart and best friend. With Brooke’s gentle guidance and supervision, I began the most intense period of personal growth in my life.

Anonymous Client

I have worked with many therapists in the past, but this is the first time I feel that I am making changes that are deep and lasting. Her counseling has truly helped me become free, even from things I wasn’t aware were affecting me. Brooke integrates many different approaches to provide balanced and effective therapy.

Anonymous Client

You are truly an amazing person. I am so grateful for your sincerity and kindness– big-hearted and deep soulfulness. You are incredibly intuitive, insightful and wise. You are a gifted listener and a powerful speaker, passionate and genuine.

Anonymous Client

Brooke is kind and warm, but not afraid to challenge you. She is caring, authentic and compassionate as well as intelligent and clinically skilled. Brooke possesses great wisdom and intuition, which she balances with knowledge and skill.

Anonymous Client

Just wanted to share that yesterday's session with you, and a long, productive dinner table conversation with my wife last night, started to uncover a huge gap between perception and reality in my understanding of the status I held in our marriage. Our session opened my eyes to the fact that the inequity I've long felt comes from a place of assumed unworthiness. I'm so thankful for this journey we are taking together, with your help, towards deeper, more productive understanding.

Anonymous Client

I want to thank you again for your continued help and expertise, and more specifically for yesterday's learning opportunity about how I can communicate more effectively.  After your ultimately appreciated prodding you made me feel comfortable with the idea that expressing confusion or even doubt can serve as valuable conversation-assets, and I look forward to moving forward without those those self-inflicted parameters.

Anonymous Client

After every session I come away feeling better prepared to start shining light into shadows I've hustled past for a long, long time... some rational ones, but a lot more aren't. Shame is such a stealthy master; He's been the monkey on my back for a long time. You totally called it. I'm so grateful for your guidance and skill and although sometimes I may shuffle and others I may leap, after our sessions I always feel like I'm moving forward.

Anonymous Client

With your help, I've finally started to understand that while my vivid imagination often wants to create terrifying monsters under the bed, in a lot of cases those monsters are nothing more than a heap of decidedly less-terrifying laundry I've avoided for too long that just needs to be aired out and put away. Which is definitely a lot easier than monster slaying. Thank you for shedding light in the dark places I was too afraid to face alone.

Anonymous Client
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