About In-Home Services: We Come to You

During home based or in-home services, one of our professionals will come to your place of residence and provide treatment there, rather than at one of our office locations. It can be beneficial to cases where old age, chronic medical issues, lack of funds, childcare, agoraphobia, or lack of transportation is an issue. It’s also convenient for busy and time constrained lives, or those working from home. We’re here to make therapy accessible for you!

We also offer online or mobile therapy and weekend therapy for your needs.

Typically, home based therapy is provided at the kitchen table or in a living room, however our professionals are flexible with location. If given permission, our therapists may look inside rooms to get a better understanding of the home environment and dynamic instead of relying entirely on self report and observation. Seeing how the therapy users work in their personal space can also provide insight to better and more specialized treatment.

Home based services is especially good for families as this type of therapy allows the therapists to observe direct interactions between family members in their natural events. This personalized approach would not be as easy to achieve in an office. It can cause a therapeutic relationship to develop more quickly as typically people, teenagers especially, in therapy are more relaxed in their own homes than an office.

There are studies that show being in the home can help the therapist have a fuller picture of what’s going on:

Our home based wellness services include Hypnotherapy and Personal Training. Together with your personal trainer, an individualized in-home personal training regimen will be created and fitness will be used to improve self esteem and quality of life. Your hypnotherapist will teach you how to access the subconscious and gain better control over it.

Types of Home Based Services

At My LA Therapy, we provide multiple types of home services including but not limited to:

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