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As the owner of the practice, my desire is to create a collaborative learning environment in which we support and challenge one another, sharing lessons, struggles, and triumphs along the way. 

We hold the quality of our clinicians as the cornerstone of our practice, knowing that we can only do dynamic and impactful work with clients to the extent that we are fearlessly engaged in our own self inquiry. 

We select our therapists, not only based on their clinical acumen and intelligence, but based on who they are and their unrelenting commitment to their own personal and professional growth. 

Seeking Warm and Insightful Therapists

Our team is full of kind-hearted, warm, and supportive members who are also incredibly insightful, grounded, and self-aware. We look for therapists who are open, thrive on feedback, and are voracious lifelong learners. 

We are currently hiring master’s level associates (ASW, APCC, AMFT), licensed mental health professionals (LMFT, LCSW, LPCC, Licensed Psychologists), and supervisors to join our integrative team of therapists and wellness professionals. 

My hope is to provide a dynamic environment that fosters meaningful professional and personal connections among team members, so that our associates and newly licensed team members stay with us in the long-haul and eventually become supervisors training the next generation. 

In addition to an unparalleled culture of support and autonomy, we provide a steady stream of ongoing referrals, dynamic consultation, beautiful office space, and responsive administrative support. We’ve taken a great deal of time to create optimized systems and automations that make our work flow as easily as possible, minimizing admin and maximizing time for clients and self-care. 

Ideally, we are seeking therapists who’d like to build up their caseload full-time, which is considered 25 client hours per week. We’d like to find clinicians who are available to meet with clients in person as well as remotely.  We have two supervisors already, but we are expanding our team and would like to find another who can take on supervisees and clients as we grow. 

Our mission is to affect enduring transformation in the lives of our clients and therapists through innovative and integrative healing, education, and transformation. 

Our core values are: integrity, autonomy, authenticity, and impact. Let me take a moment to share what these things mean to me.

For me, integrity means whole-heartedness and character. It means that we are continuously reexamining that which we hold to be true, ferreting out our blind spots, and bringing every aspect of our lives into greater alignment with our highest ideals and deepest values. I view every difficulty in my life as feedback that I can use to better myself and refine my character. 

As a manager and as an individual, I deeply value autonomy and empowerment. To me, valuing autonomy and empowerment in the workplace means providing an environment that offers enough guidance, support, and structure to facilitate as much independence and sovereignty as possible. I’m very hands off as a manager. I find people who I trust who are skilled and I allow them to fly on their own with minimal oversight. People choose their own hours, take time off as they need to without permission, and work where they want to. 

Authenticity means being open, real, and vulnerable with our struggles, both personal and professional. This is something I model regularly as a leader and endeavor to create the conditions for my team to do as well. Although we are interacting within a professional environment, the work we do is deeply personal and often tugs at the very essence of who we are. It is important for me and my team to balance being open personally while maintaining professional boundaries. 

Finally, impact is at the heart of what we do. We strive to offer services that deeply shift and transform the people we work with in an enduring manner that reverberates throughout their lives.  

  • Masters degree in qualifying mental health field 

  • Openness: Our ideal candidate must be willing to receive feedback and learn. Our ideal candidate feels confident enough in their clinical skills to fly on their own but is also willing to learn and seeks feedback when needed.

  • Accessibility and Responsivity: Must be easily accessible and responsive via email, phone and text for same day follow up during business days. 

  • Capacity to Use Systems: Must be able to easily learn and independently use our systems such as Simple Practice, Active Campaign, and Calendly. We offer ongoing support for troubleshooting but it’s important that our therapists have some degree of proficiency in using these systems on their own. 

  • Those with an existing private practice must discuss the conflict of interest if marketing online as referrals may be difficult to track. Please inquire if applicable.

  • Must be available most for most team meetings – Mondays 1-2pm monthly.

  • Preference given to candidates who would like to build up to working 20-40 client hours per week.

To Apply

Email your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. In addition to sharing about your skills and experience, please provide a separate sheet to answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in working with My LA Therapy? 

  2. What are your areas of special interest and expertise? This could include a population you love working with, a modality, or an area you’d like to learn more about, or all of the above! 

  3. How many clients would you like to see on an ongoing, weekly basis? 

  4. What are your 3-5 core values?

  5. In what state or states are you licensed or registered? 

  6. What concerns do you have at this point in the process? 

  7. Do you speak any other languages with sufficient fluency to provide therapy in that language? If so, what language or languages? 

  8. Are you available to see clients in person in the offices if needed? Most therapists have a blend of remote and in person clients. Our current offices are located in Culver City near where the 10 and the 405 meet, but we plan to expand to other locations as demand requires. 

Therapy locations in West Los Angeles, Culver City & Santa Monica.

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