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With 15 years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist, Brooke Sprowl has dedicated her life to understanding what lies at the heart of psychological and spiritual transformation.

Integrating evidence-based therapeutic modalities with flow neuroscience techniques and contemplative spiritual practices, Brooke is passionate about guiding people to bring every aspect of their lives into deep integrity, balance, and wholeness in order to unlock the latent spiritual, creative, and transformative energy that naturally awakens in the process that she calls “emergence.”

Brooke is the founder and clinical director of My LA Therapy, a concierge, integrative therapy practice located in LA, where she leads a team of approximately 15 therapists and mental-health informed wellness professionals.

She recently launched My Truest North, a retreat-based consultancy firm that specializes in helping mission-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to integrate self-healing, spirituality, and higher purpose in service of individual and collective transformation.

Brooke is a published poet, competitive beach volleyball player, and the host of the podcast, On Living with Brooke Sprowl, in which she interviews the world’s foremost experts in psychology, spirituality, personal transformation, cognitive science, neuroscience, and leadership.

She is in the process of publishing several books of original poetry, and her upcoming book, Unavailable: Use Your Unhealthy Relationships to Awaken is scheduled to launch in early 2023.

After the launch, she plans to begin working on her next book, which will outline the theory, principles, and practices of her psychospiritual model, Emergence Theory.


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At the beginning of treatment, it is recommended that you meet with your therapist weekly. Standard sessions are 50-minutes long. You may request longer sessions in advance if you plan ahead and schedule them with your therapist. To set something up, all you have to do is email or call us and determine a time that works for you and for your therapist. To learn more about our team and choose which therapist is best for you, please visit the Therapy Team page.

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