Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis


Studies show that the art and science of Handwriting Analysis, is a tool used to examine traits in handwriting that are correlated with ones behavioral patterns. This is a very important diagnostic tool. By submitting a handwriting sample the handwriting analyst is able to provide you a valuable insight to what is going on currently in your subconscious and how it is correlated to your behaviors and personality traits.

Utilize handwriting analysis to better pinpoint issues that will come out in your handwriting. Businesses may seek out the service of a handwriting analyst to review if possible candidates are suited for the job. It will allow the analyst to get an inner profile of the subject before much information is even revealed. This is also true for relationships.

What can be obtained through Handwriting Analysis:

  • Know your or someone else’s suggestibility (how you or they process information).
  • Sexuality.
  • Level of Honesty.
  • Self-Esteem.
  • Will Power.
  • How much of an Optimist or Pessimist you or someone is.
  • How much of an Introvert or Extrovert you or someone is.
  • How you or someone want to be seen in the world.

One can potentially change their behavior pattern alone by consciously changing their writing style. Handwriting analysis is an ideo-motor response, meaning that a subject makes motions (such as writing) unconsciously. Micro muscle movements are reflexive responses. Handwriting bypasses the filter between the conscious and unconscious mind. Handwriting makes it easy t access the subconscious directly and lets us know what is really going on. Did you know you can change your behavior patterns by changing your writing style?

When submitting a writing sample please use unlined paper, of at least one page in length, signed at the bottom. Must be original writing. No photocopies please. The purpose is to find the real tendencies of the personality.

Handwriting Analyist

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