Mental Emotional Release Therapy (MER)

About Mental Emotional Release Therapy (MER)

MER Therapy is a technique development by Dr. Matt James. It stands for Mental Emotional Release and has become widely known as one of the most effective methods for creating quick and lasting change for someone. It involves releasing and overcoming stuck emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, and hurt within both the mind and the body. The process of MER involves closing the eyes, eliciting your unique timeline on how you view events in your life, following a visualization process to re-program the emotions that are stuck in your present life from these past events by discovering the root cause of the first event. These events can be from childhood, in the womb or for some depending on their belief system their past lives. By releasing these negative emotions you can feel the freedom within many aspects of your life. Revisiting past events briefly will allow the unconscious to recognize the limiting belief that is clouding the situation and start to find a new way to view it once the charge of the emotion is gone. All learning, behavior, and change is unconscious so working with the unconscious is a vital part of healing and overcoming yourself. MER therapy is a great guided process to speak to the unconscious in a creative and nurturing way. MER is a process that can be done once with lasting effects or done multiple times.


Length of duration is dependent on clients history.
  1. Learning repetitive patterns being ran emotionally.
  2. Elicit how the client sets up their unique timeline in their mind.
  3. Having the client experience their own timeline through their own eyes and above themselves.
  4. Visiting specific times during clients life that trigger negative emotions.
  5. Guide client in and out of experience and release negative emotions and learning the greater lesson of the event.
  6. Check on emotions in a future setting.


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