About Weekend Therapy

In order to reach clients who would benefit from our services in Los Angeles, we offer therapy on the weekends. This means we are flexible for working individuals. Your mental health is important. We hope that by providing therapy at times not only on weekdays, we can ensure you will have an opportunity to schedule a time to for your health. We’re here to make therapy accessible for you!

Our highly qualified Weekend Therapists draw from experientialcognitive behavioral, and psychodynamic therapies, all of which are proven by research to be effective. Our values include authenticity, openness and warmth as a central part of who we are and how we practice. We work closely in consultation with one another so as to provide the highest quality services possible and to ensure that we are always growing, learning and challenging ourselves as therapists and as individuals.

We also offer in-home services and online or mobile therapy for your needs.

Weekend Therapists & Professionals