Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy, a form of depth psychology, is a method of therapy that is insight-oriented. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is rooted in the belief that bringing the unconscious into consciousness creates not only insight and self-awareness, but actually is the first step to resolving conflict. The root word “psyche” means mind. Psychodynamic literally means the “dynamics of the mind” and psychotherapy means the “healing of the mind.”


A structure of non-judgement, consistency, and a strong client-therapist relationship are important pieces to psychodynamic psychotherapy. This form of therapy uses the client-therapist relationship as a tool to help make sense of and improve various behaviors, patterns, and relationship issues that may have become disruptive or problematic in a client’s life. Through exploration of one’s past and present, as well as through the client-therapist relationship, the goal of psychodynamic psychotherapy is to increase self-awareness and understand the influence of the past on present behavior. This is done in order to shift and improve a client’s life. The therapeutic process generates awareness of powerful, unconscious forces by forging connections between past experiences and present struggles. As we deepen our awareness, we begin to take control of these forces rather than being controlled by them. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is simply a general term used to refer to this approach.

Those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it.

In psychodynamic therapy, we examine anxiety and defenses as they arise within the session in real time. We explore the past through the lens of the present moment. We are trained to identify signs of unconscious anxiety and to help you address and overcome internal conflicts that may be responsible for many of the problems in your life: from depression and anxiety to work and relationship problems.For a thorough look at the main components of the psychodynamic therapy and the evidence for its efficacy, please read the article: The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

Psychodynamic Therapists

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