Working with a Psychotherapist In Santa Monica

Do you find yourself unable to get out of bed in the mornings because you loathe going to work and feel significantly unmotivated? Or perhaps you feel like you derive no joy from activities you once loved and cherished.

It is also possible that the loss of a loved one hit you badly, and the grief seems to be consuming your days. Maybe you’re always worried about what the future holds, and retreat into your shell — and if you have been there for too long, perhaps that’s all you feel you know.

If you relate to any of the above, you are like many people we see at our office in Santa Monica. Life is full of ups and downs, but if the downs seem to consume all our emotional resources — we need to seek help to rejuvenate those resources. Just like how our body feels fatigued after excessive amounts of physical work, our mind can feel that way if it is constantly running on overdrive too.

Our psychotherapists at My LA Therapy are here to support you in your recovery and help you find the clarity, meaning, and joy that you really deserve. If you need help finding a psychologist in Santa Monica that’s right for you and aligns with your requirements, consider the factors we detail ahead before you make your pick.

What is a Psychotherapist?

A psychotherapist or therapist is a professional that helps people tackle mental health conditions. Psychotherapy is an intervention that uses psychological methods, particularly when based on regular personal contact, to assist a person in changing their behavior, increasing their happiness, and overcoming difficulties.

The way they do this is with a thorough inquiry into your past that helps you uncover the causes of your negative emotions and experiences, and equips you with tools to manage those in the present.

While psychotherapy can assist with a wide array of emotional and mental health issues, most people choose to work with a psychotherapist in Santa Monica for anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and addiction.

What Type of Counselling Does a Psychotherapist Provide?

There are some important differences between the terms “counselor” and “psychotherapist” although they are often used interchangeably and share many similarities. A counselor is usually recommended for specific issues and situations, such as addiction or grief, and the session can last from a few weeks to several months.

On the other hand, psychotherapy explores deep-rooted past issues and childhood issues that lead to present-day mental health issues over a period of several months or years. It can also be a continuous week-after-week exploration or intermittent, depending on your case.

Counseling tends to come under ‘talking therapy’ and it is an essential part of psychotherapy. It can also be seen as a subset of the psychotherapeutic process. You can reveal a deeper subconsciousness through psychotherapy counseling, enabling you to overcome the obstacles that are currently holding you back.

Here is a list of common services psychotherapists can offer clients:

  • Listening patiently and comforting clients
  • Analyzing present issues
  • Analyzing the influence of the past on the present
  • Helping clients without the bias that friends and family may have
  • Diagnosing mental health conditions
  • Reduce mental illness symptoms and help clients manage them
  • Changing clients’ maladaptive behaviors and thinking patterns
  • Helping clients understand themselves and others
  • Teaching emotional, cognitive & communication skills
  • Counseling clients on how to resolve their emotional, interpersonal, and professional conflicts
  • Helping clients through traumatic events/crises such as breakups, abuse, suicidal thoughts, grief, trauma, infidelity, sexual assault, and more
  • Educating clients on how to improve existing relationships and create new ones
  • Empowering clients with self-help tools such as deep breathing, meditation, thinking exercises
  • Offering non-directive advice and suggestions
  • Refer clients to psychiatrists, mental health facilities, or medical professionals (if necessary)
  • Teaching clients to love and accept themselves
  • Reducing the stigma attached to mental illness and therapy

Reasons for Choosing a Psychotherapist in Santa Monica

There are many factors involved when you’re choosing a psychotherapist to support your mental health journey. They need to be the right fit for you and have the relevant qualifications and experience to become your guide on that journey.

Let’s go over some of the factors you need to consider to choose the right therapist for yourself:

Working with an experienced clinical psychotherapist is the best solution to improve your mental health

Many mental health professionals specialize in different fields. For instance, some focus on anxiety, sleep disorders, and so on. You want to choose a therapist that is experienced in dealing with mental health issues that you are struggling with. A good way to determine this is to check out the kind of testimonials and reviews they have received — what kind of struggles did people come in with?

Their website should list the services they offer.

Proven Methods that helped patients regain control of their life

One of the most important factors that come into play while choosing a psychotherapist is evaluating their approach. A professional psychotherapist can use many different therapeutic approaches:

  • Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies – reveal and transform unconscious meanings and motivations that are responsible for problematic behaviors and feelings
  • Behavior therapy – focuses on decoding which behaviors of ours were learned from our surroundings and how we can unlearn the abnormal ones.
  • Cognitive therapy – emphasizes what people think rather than what they do i.e. changing dysfunctional thinking can change dysfunctional behaviors.


  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy – It focuses on both thoughts and behaviors
  • Humanistic therapy – Focuses on maximizing your potential with an emphasis on your capacity to make rational decisions
  • Integrative or holistic therapy – Most counselors practice a combination of any of the above to not limit the angles from which they tackle mental health issues.

If you prefer one over the other, you should choose a psychotherapist that specializes in that field.

Psychotherapy is best suited for people who…

Now that you have a fair idea of how to choose a psychotherapist, you might be wondering if it is right for you. Truth is, therapy can be helpful for anyone who is going through emotional stress and is struggling with mental health. If you’re a student, it can help you find clarity about your career goals.

If you’re an adult, it can help you cope with stress, anxiety and conflicts with your loved ones. If you’re a parent whose child has left home for studies, you can find comfort and support in speaking with a therapist.

Therapy can benefit anyone. But if you find that your mental and emotional health is starting to affect how you take care of yourself or function in your day-to-day life — you should seek help immediately.

What Should You Expect From a Psychotherapist in Santa


At My LA Therapy, we have a well-rounded approach to helping you in your journey. Our team of experienced professionals has helped many people from all walks of life find more joy and clarity in Santa Monica. Our reviews speak for themselves, and we have a solid reputation in our community in Los Angeles.

We have many patients (both adults and children) who are now thriving and living up to their full potential after they chose us. And we can help you find that life for yourself too.

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