Michelle Stroffolino ACSW

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Confidence is not built on what you can do, it is built on the history of what you have gotten through.

— Unknown

About Michelle

I believe we have the power and ability to architect the lives we want to live, regardless of what hand we have been dealt. Through my own personal healing and many years in working in wellness, I am deeply passionate about helping my clients to step into their full potential and fearlessly chase their goals. My personalized approach will leave you feeling empowered, invigorated, and inspired to silence your inner critic and tackle any obstacles standing in your way.

As a personal trainer and life coach, I am especially passionate about helping people transform their self-image by empowering them to feel good in their bodies through my unique approach that blends body positivity, movement healing, and self-acceptance. Transformation of our bodies starts from within, and through coaching we can reprogram your self-concept and body image. By helping you restore connection to your body’s inner wisdom and healing shame-based ideas about your body, we can empower you to discover greater peace, joy, and vitality in the way you relate to yourself and others.

How I Work

I use Cognitive Behavioral Coaching to help reprogram self-limiting beliefs, transform your self-esteem, and reach your goals. Using cognitive behavioral tools and practices, we can restructure our minds, reframe irrational thoughts, and design the lives we want to live. I also incorporate mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques to combat anxiety and stress, which you will feel equipped to use regularly in your daily life.

How we see and feel about our physical bodies plays a huge role in our self esteem and how we operate in relationships. For many people, a significant amount of our thoughts, energy and finances are spent on trying to maintain a certain physical appearance or to cover up parts of ourselves that we feel insecure about. Most of the time, we receive messages from a young age about how we should look, leading us to believe that our self-worth is based on our image. Using Cognitive Behavioral and Body Image Mindset Coaching, we can reprogram how you see your body and make peace with your physical insecurities. Body Image Mindset Coaching can liberate you from the prison of this way of thinking by freeing you from the limitations of your negative self-image and empowering you to cultivate deeper confidence, self-love, and inner strength.

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