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Paula Jones, LCSW

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Paula Jones, LCSW

My personal and career focus is to help others by providing tools to create the life they desire, empowering and inspiring people to reach their dreams and to develop the confidence to achieve their goals. I have done this in the role of therapist, special needs teacher and international humanitarian. I see the strengths in everyone I encounter, and will help you develop your own inner strength to cope more effectively with your challenges, whether they are due to mental health or substance abuse, relationship and career choices, or finding meaning and purpose in life. Through a therapeutic relationship, old wounds can be healed, healthier coping skills can be learned, and inner peace and self- acceptance can be reached. I believe in the transformative power of therapy, and will collaborate with you to accomplish your desired growth and change. “Talk therapy” is oriented toward insight, self-understanding, growth and change.

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