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About Functional Nutrition Therapy and Holistic Therapy

There is an increasing body of evidence that nutrition, gut health, and diet are inextricably linked with mental health and immune function. Mental health and nutrition influence each other in a feedback loop that can spiral into a vicious cycle or a positive feedback loop that creates greater health, vitality, and energy. In working together we will change the direction of that loop from a vicious cycle to a positive cycle, ever increasing your physical and mental health. I offer an integrated and holistic functional nutrition approach to health and mental health to heal the mind and body.


Every day more research comes out documenting the connection between nutrition and mental health. Nutrition, gut health, and immunity interact in a complex system that influences our hormones and neurotransmitters and therefore our moods and mental health. Even with high quality, unprocessed organic foods, food today does not possess the same nutritional content as it once did because the soil is no longer as nutritive.

We now must supplement that lost nutrition through vitamins amino acids. But not all vitamins and amino acids are created equal. You not only need to know which vitamins and aminos to take, you also need to know which forms your body will effectively absorbed, which address your specific symptoms, and which brands provide the highest quality so that they will actually work.

Studies show amino acids can be as or more effective than anti-depressants!

Even suicide rates are significantly lower in places with higher mineral content in the water.

To learn more about the extensive research and studies that document the effects of diet and supplement protocol on mental health, please visit our Functional Medicine and Nutrition Therapy Research and Evidence page.



Nutrition Therapy is a wonderful alternative for those who aren’t quite ready to explore psychotropic medication but are in need of a biological approach to mental health as well as neurochemical and hormonal imbalances. All of our biological systems work together, which is why it is so important to take a holistic approach to mental health and physical health. Hormones (endocrinology/the endocrine system), neurotransmitters, and digestion/gut health are all intimately related and affect energy, mental health, and physical wellness/immune health.


Let’s get beyond the endless cycle of managing symptoms that reemerge endlessly only to cause other health problems and side effects. Functional Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy draw from functional medicine: they address and heal the root causes of the hormonal, neurochemical, and biological imbalances, rather than simply masking symptoms like medication does. This is a natural and holistic way to help you heal from your symptoms – bodily symptoms that may be connected to your mental health symptoms.

Neuronutrient and Functional Nutrition Therapy have been shown to address symptoms of individuals suffering from:

Nutrition Therapy is a unique approach that goes beyond talk therapy and medication, but we may also integrate talk therapy as desired for additional support and help. Attacking this from all angles (psychological, nutritional, and biological) is the most effective way to restore energy, immunity, and mental healing.


Research Supporting Link Between Supplements and Mental Health


Your Comprehensive Neuronutrient Therapy Assessment Package includes:

  • Comprehensive and holistic health and nutrition therapy assessment
  • Customized protocol to address individual health, energy, and mental health symptoms
  • Customized protocol to improve immune and gut health
  • Customized Amino Acid recommendations
  • Customized Vitamin and Mineral recommendations
  • Individualized dietary recommendations
  • Diet plan-friendly recipes provided upon request
  • Unlimited nutrition therapy phone, text, and email support
  • Unlimited adjustments to protocol as needed
  • Recommendations to further tests if necessary
  • Test analysis and specialized protocol to address test results

Please call, text, or email Brooke Sprowl, LCSW for a complimentary consultation regardin about Functional Nutrition Therapy and package pricing. Ongoing psychotherapy clients may be eligible for discounts on Nutrition and Neuronutrient Therapy Packages.

To learn more about the research and studies that document the effects of diet and supplement protocol on mental health, please visit our Functional Medicine and Nutrition Therapy Research and Evidence page.


As a licensed psychotherapist as well as a Functional Nutrition and Neuronutrient Therapy Specialist, my goal is to increase your awareness of the connection between body and mind and decrease symptoms. When we find the balance between our bodies and brain chemistry, we are able to experience more light and joy in our lives. I will explore and heal the root causes of your mental health symptoms. In addition, I will help you understand the what’s a physiological, biological, hormonal, or neurochemical imbalance versus what’s an emotional problem based on the way you are processing information and dealing with your feelings, past, and relationships.

Often these things are entangled so this allows me to approach your healing and mental health from all sides for maximal efficacy. I understand biological connection to symptoms and will help you create healthy solutions to psychological issues. If you are unsure of why your behavioral patterns, emotions or physiological problems continually persist, I can help you find answers.

Please call, text, or email Brooke Sprowl, LCSW for a complimentary consultation.

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