Parenting and Therapy for Parents

They say that it takes a village to raise a child, however in today’s society, villages are almost nonexistent. 

That means parents have to look after their child(ren) without the support of others. 

It may seem daunting to take on such a big task by yourself or with a significant other, especially if you have no extended family offering emotional support. 

However, at My LA Therapy, we offer an objective support system that can help you relieve some of the burden of taking care of your child alone. 


Parenting therapy can provide you with a different perspective on the mental health of your child and offer the latest research and methods on the best way to help your child or teen (See our Child Therapy and Teen Therapy pages to learn more).

Today’s society has exceptionally high expectations for parents. 

Between the continuous books being released on the best new parenting theories, and the moms and dads on social media who are seemingly able to do it all, sometimes it feels impossible to feel adequate as a parent.

You may feel anxious over whether or not you are doing a good job, or feel pressured to compare yourself to other parents around you.

This is why therapy can be a valuable place to step away from the daily ups and downs of everyday life. 

A heart to heart talk with your therapist can be a much needed break from the hectic lives we all live and can also provide you with a safe space to unload your stresses and thoughts while developing research-based parenting skills to ensure your family and children thrive. 

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Common Questions Parents Ask in Therapy

  • “Should I start talking to my child about their future?”
  • “How is school affecting my child’s mental health?”
  • “What do I do when my child takes up so much time I have none for myself?”
  • “How do I protect my child from online and offline dangers?” 
  • “Is my child being bullied?”
  • “How do I understand my LGBTQ+ child?”
  • “Is my child depressed?”

If you can relate to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Parenting Skills

Other external factors may play into your parenting style such as stress from work, school, or social situations, and may leave you confused and stressed.

Our team of trained professionals will help develop a broad repertoire of parenting skills and research-based interventions that have been proven to improve outcomes for children and families. 

Parenting therapy exists to help you manage these expectations and the overwhelming sense of inadequacy and stress that can develop when you have a child. 

We will make sure that you feel understood and supported.

Because you don’t have to go through this alone.

During our sessions, we will create strategies tailored to you and your child specifically, as every parent and child is an individual and each relationship has its own personal challenges. 

Therapy will remind you that your child, even though they come from you, has their own personality and temperament, and as a result, parent-child conflicts are a normal part of navigating these differences. 

But, we will give you the tools on how to resolve these conflicts in your sessions and improve your communication, discipline, and boundaries.

The therapeutic space and process isn’t a place of judgement or critique of your parenting style. 

It’s a safe place to share your fears of conflict, failure, hopelessness, stress, anxiety, irritability, and other feelings that can plague the relationship between you and your loved ones.

Let’s dive into some common topics discussed in parenting therapy.

Research-based, personalized therapy.

At My LA Therapy, our warm and experienced therapists specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, & relationships.

Common Issues in Parenting Therapy

  • How to provide healthy boundaries and consequences for children
  • Dealing with mental illness/mental illness diagnosis
  • How to communicate with your child in a way that they can hear you 
  • Teaching children social skills 
  • Adopting a foster child
  • Helping your child overcome hardships faced at school or bullying
  • Dealing with addiction, that of a family member or your own
  • Dealing with chronic stress, worry, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, depression, or anger that have been caused by parenting
  • Managing menopause and parenting
  • Managing the feeling of empty nest (when your child/children leave home)
  • Dealing with a child with a developmental, physical, or learning disability
  • Learning how to transition to parenting adult children
  • Learning to balance work and parenting
  • Dealing with family trauma/abuse

While parenting may seem like a daunting and unpredictable task—especially for first time parents—we will do our best to offer our support and knowledge on the best way to provide a good future for you and your children. 

Our Therapy Methods for Parents

Therapy can successfully improve your life by helping you minimize the anxiety in your life, identify and change underlying thought and behavioral patterns that contribute to your struggles, and provide you with strategies to decrease discomfort while restoring an overall sense of peace.

Our evidence-based, scientifically proven interventions are demonstrated by research to be effective in addressing issues surrounding parenting and improving mental health and educational outcomes for children, families, and teens. 

Learn more about our empirically based therapy modalities by visiting our Methods page. 

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