NLP For Trauma

Trauma is the number driving force behind toxic or negative thoughts, behaviors and actions in our life. It’s processed differently with each person. Neurolingusitic Programming (NLP) helps each person uniquely have their own experience. Most trauma is stored in our unconscious mind. So, when we are not aware it is directing our life. The goals of working through trauma is to take the charge away from the emotions that the trauma has evoked. It is not to discard the experience but rather allow the experience to stay in the past and work through the present emotions. The trapped emotions we hold onto from trauma drives the decisions we make in life is all facets.

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How it Works

During an appointment using NLP techniques, there will be a range of different modalities used to break the barriers that is surrounding the baggage. Some of the techniques include pattern interrupt, belief change, anchoring, MER therapy, and visualization practices. This way we can release the deeper level of emotions and perspective. This practice helps the limiting beliefs that have come with processing the trauma. Future pacing is another powerful way NLP works to create new neural pathways to overcome trauma and limiting beliefs. Future pacing a technique to show yourself the power of your own mind to dissociate with triggers and reactive emotions. It will also assist in goal setting to move towards a more productive and positive state.

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We know trauma can be a very sensitive place to visit so it is to be handled with care. NLP is a “do with” process and not a “do to” so you are connected with your own power to overcome the hardships you have experienced in life. NLP is beneficial as it is the language of the unconscious – you can get to a more comfortable place within yourself about the experience and a more positive perspective to move forward in life without the restraints of the past.

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