Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal Psychotherapy, also known as IPT, is an evidenced based treatment modality that focuses on interpersonal issues in order to improve emotional distress. This form of treatment was developed based on empirical evidence that demonstrates the correlation between mood symptoms and interpersonal relationships, and is intended to support improved mood by increasing your social supports as well as improving the quality of your interpersonal functioning. Interpersonal Psychotherapy recognizes the strong impact of social relationships, both in contributing to unwanted mental health symptoms, as well as inversely, recognizing the positive impact that making changes in your social environment can have.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy works from the premise that relational distress is attached to psychological and emotional symptoms. A person’s ability to manage and regulate their mood in response to a stressful experience or crisis is heavily influenced by both their personal temperament, in addition to the person’s social surroundings, including the existence and support, or the lack of, significant relationships in their life.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy was intended to be practiced with both adolescents and adults, and is particularly useful for someone who is experiencing interpersonal conflicts within one or several relationships, experiencing a role transition in their life, or suffering from grief and loss of a loved one. The primary goals of Interpersonal Psychotherapy treatment are symptom reduction, and improved interpersonal functioning.

When participating in Interpersonal Psychotherapy treatment, you can expect to take a closer look at your social support network, communication style, and relational tendencies with others, as well as to learn and practice new ways to expand your social support systems and deepen your existing relationships. The goal of Interpersonal Psychotherapy is to support you in identifying and modifying problems within your interpersonal relationships in order to stabilize your mood and to foster a stronger sense of community.

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