Career Counseling

Choosing or having a career is an important milestone for some people. It aligns with their values and goals they set when they were growing up. For others, there may be no motivation or hard circumstances. Whatever the situation, I can help you process your thoughts and ideas about a career – for choosing it to landing it!

Career counselors work with individuals at various stages in their careers. For example, students in college can be guided in choosing a major or determining what jobs they are qualified for with their degrees. People who have already entered the workforce can also be supported. Career counselors develop plans to improve their client’s current career and provide advice about entering a new profession.

Tools utilized include:

  • Aptitude and achievement assessments to evaluate your interests, skills, and abilities
  • Evaluating your background, education, and training, to help develop realistic goals
  • Guiding you through making decisions about careers, such as choosing a new profession and the type of degree to pursue
  • Helping you learn job search skills, such as interviewing and networking (both socially and digitally)
  • Assisting you in locating and applying for jobs, by teaching strategies to find openings and how to write a resume
  • Helping select and applying for educational programs, to obtain the necessary degrees, credentials, and skills
  • Advising on how to resolve problems in the workplace, such as angry or stressful conflicts with bosses or coworkers.

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Our work with will continue your career to help you be as successful as you can be.

  • On-ramping and making a first impression during the first 30 days by learning that workplace’s unspoken rules and culture, prioritizing and understanding the quality of work expected, and developing supportive relationships such as with an assistant.
  • Communication in all areas including clear speech, the tone of voice, and emotional intelligence.
  • Time management and avoiding procrastination.
  • Organization.
  • Becoming a leader and managing or supervising people and budgets by inspiring rather than micromanaging.


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