Our blog is focused on exploring the existential paradoxes of the human condition as related to personal development. We explore these truths through the lens of psychology, relationships, spirituality, health (physical, mental), wellness, nutrition, fitness, and personal development.

Readers are generally young adults and adults looking to decrease anxiety, improve relationships, and grow in their self-awareness.

We pride ourselves on content that is practical yet profound, backed with research, and uses simple, conversational language. With our advice and action-steps, we always want to add a deeper layer to the conversation rather than just addressing symptoms and surface-level behavior — we want to help people explore and examine the root causes of their problematic behaviors and issues — so that they can overcome them and transform on a deep and sustaining level.

Content Creation Style Guide

Checklist for content value:

  1. Useful? Does it have utility? Tip: Write to solve an issue or pain point for a single, specific person.
  2. New idea? Is it a new spin on an old idea or a brand new idea altogether?
  3. Valuable? Will a reader get value from it?
  4. Actionable? Are there action steps a reader can take?
  5. Shareable? Is there an incentive for readers to share it?
  6. Eye catching? Does the headline make you want to read it?
  7. Flow? Does the content flow and read well?
  8. Entertaining? A few chuckles is a bonus
  9. Long and detailed content generally goes best with our audience


  • Not in HTML format
  • Numerals (1) instead of numbers (one)
  • Sentence case title headings (only capitalize the first letter in the first word)
    • Titles should be bold, subtitles not bold
    • Single space (not double) at the opening of sentences/after periods


  • We (and Google) require a 1000+ word article. Make sure the title is short and enticing; should be unique and not generic. We don’t allow any links.

    Meta Description:

  • This description is used for SEO purposes and should be two sentences and less than 156 characters (25 words). It should introduce the reader to the blog post and entice them to read on; make it unique and not generic.
  • This is different than the Quote/Statement also requested.


  • This will be placed at the start of your article.
  • Make sure it is enticing and unique, not generic.


    These are also important for SEO purposes. Choose one main keyword that is the focus of your article (focus keyword) as well as other keywords (tag keywords, can include focus) that will help people find your article in searches. These should be relevant to post content/theme.

    Images & Image Titles:

  • Find 1-3 compelling, artful images for us to choose from unsplash.com or pexels.com that are thematic to your article to be used as the featured image for your article. Make sure the images don’t have words on it, as the title of your blog will go over it. Please attach these images to your email along with your article (not copy pasted in email or placed in doc). These sites are free and have copyright free images. Must be 1920x1240px and named with focus keyword(s) and hyphenated; it must also include the word “blog” at the end of each.
  • Please also attach a 200×200 headshot of yourself; named with your full name plus the word blog, hyphenated.


  • This will be placed at the end of your article. It should be 75 words. We don’t allow any links.

    Website & Social Media Platform Links:

  • We hope you can share the link we provide you on your social media platforms so we can reshare. Let’s also follow each other on these platforms!


  • After first draft, when reviewing keep an eye out for:
    • Filler words like – I think, etc, things, stuff 
    • Being negative or self deprecating – it’s good to be critical, but be measured 
    • Long sentences without punctuation 
    • Long paragraphs that aren’t broken up
    • Waffling or off topic sentences

    Next Steps

  • First, email us with a list of 3-5 suggested topics/titles. Once approved, please complete this questionnaire to submit your article. If you need support/examples, please view our template.
  • We take donations of $250+ per article. We accept USD payment via Venmo and PayPal.

    We look forward to receiving your submission and collaborating together!

  • Please be patient as we approve and put your article up on our blog; we will send you the link once complete. Posts stay up on our website indefinitely, unless otherwise noted.
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