Hypnotherapy For Grief Loss Bereavement

Hypnosis for dealing with loss is very powerful tool. People can experience the sense of loss and go through stages of loss from the loss of man things, not just death. Everyone experiences loss in their own way. Loss is so very personal. The manner in which someone displays their loss can be reflected in the many stages of loss. Many people will not display all the symptoms, some can get to acceptance a lot quicker than others while some can jump around or be stuck in a stage of loss for years.

People may experience loss or suffer from the loss of a:

  • Loved One
  • Marriage
  • Job
  • Community
  • Pet
  • Or anything in which you may feel a strong emotional connection.

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The more traumatic the more likely the stages will be apparent. There are five stages that the client must go through to completely deal with a traumatic loss. Through these hypnotic session you will gently be taken through each stage with relaxing guided journeys so you will be able to process each stage a lot quicker. These sessions may also be used to deal with loss due to death or divorce, etc. It can also be used as a valid way to treat a terminally ill person. We will explore each of the following stages in detail so you can understand and process what you are feeling:

  • Denial-Stage 1 (Isolation)
  • Anger-Stage 2 (Resentment)
  • Bargaining-Stage 3 (Desperation)
  • Grief-Stage 4 (Depression)
  • Resolution-Stage 5 (Acceptance)

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The goal in dealing with loss is to get you to the final stage and the beginning of putting your life back in order. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself exploring your own sense of spirituality. The purpose is for you to find meaning and make sense of what happened. The sooner you decide if you are ready to explore these stages; the sooner you can begin to start living a superior quality of life.

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