Hypnotherapy For Chronic Pain

Pain is the number one reason people seeking medical care. Medication is the most commonly and frequently prescribe drug. The source of your pain can fall into certain categories.

Pain Categories:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Pain due to surgery
  • Pain due to injury, illness, or disease
  • Emotional Pain

Almost 1/3 of the people in the United States have chronic pain whether it be cancer, back pain, arthritis, nausea, pain due to surgery, migraines and all those with health problems like sciatica and unknown causes. The goal in hypnotherapy is to reduce or illuminate pain. Yes, the causes of pain are many and varied; the results produced by hypnosis for the treatment of pain are much the same. Hypnotherapy is becoming more common in medical clinics like the one at Stanford and the ones where doctors are using it to sedate patients before surgery, ease the pain of burn victims, and prepare women for childbirth.

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Evidence is continually being collected about how hypnosis is not just able to treat psychological conditions like anxiety, addiction and phobias but also very distinct physical ailments such as broken bones and surgical wounds. Hypnosis is surprisingly effective at taking a person from physical agony to a pain free state in minutes. Have you ever noticed that when you are in deep sleep you don’t feel pain? Hypnosis has this same effect. Except that in hypnosis you are never truly asleep. That is a misconception. Your brain waves slow down to an Alpha or Theta state which is a extremely healing state. This state can be reached with the help of a highly skilled hypnotherapist.

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Not all hypnotherapist deal with medical hypnosis issues or have had the many hours of internship training. In order for you to experience success you have to find a skilled hypnotherapist and be highly motivated, ready and have an open mind. Many times people come to me as a last resort when dealing with chronic and acute pain. Many times their doctors have done the tests and everything comes back normal but the pain is still unbearable. It is than that I go to work to find the cause.

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What the mind can handle it puts in the body because it has nowhere else to go. Hypnosis may not provide dramatic instant relief but rather offers many sufferers relief from both chronic and acute pain. In a 2003 review of clinical trials on hypnosis for pain it was found that the rating of pain had a significant reduction and that the need of painkillers or sedation, nausea and vomiting, and length of stay in hospitals decreased. Reach a wider comfort zone when dealing with chronic or acute pain with hypnosis.

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