Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

If you use hypnosis to treat your anxiety, it could have effects similar to those of medication. The benefit is that Hypnosis is completely natural and drug free. Hypnosis helps you relax, find peace and relief just the way medication would.

Hypnotherapy addresses the underlying issues that cause the anxiety. It has a clear role as an anti-anxiety agent. During the session we will evaluate the condition of the anxiety and a list of questions will be asked to rule out any medical conditions and to see if the condition is organically determined. We want to make sure major medical and psychiatric syndromes are not the cause. Thus, when these are eliminated, we are left with more of an ability to find the cause and treat the condition.

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Did you know that anxiety is both a physical and a mental state? Anxiety is a learned maladaptive response that needs to be unlearned.


  1. Static Anxiety: Related to the fear of success. It is always there and does not come or go. There is always a logical reason for the anxiety.
  2. Free Floating Anxiety: This form is related to the phobic process and is intermittent. You may feel worried and fearful for no apparent reason, feel overly sensitive which in turn leads to hyper-suggestibility, or not be able to explain a logical cause because it is not always real. A lot of expectation is involved.

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The main purpose for these sessions is relaxation training and reprogramming. We’ll pinpoint and change underlying patterns of thought and behavior that are contributing to this state. You will learn strategies to help eliminate these unwanted feelings and bring back balance and calm.

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