Hypnotherapy for Addiction Substance Abuse

Hypnosis is a tool that the mind can use to address thoughts and behaviors that are related to addiction. When applied in this way under the careful supervision of a trained professional, hypnotherapy can be an effective addition to a comprehensive suite of treatments. In these sessions, we will explore the cause of the dependency, find healthier ways for you to get your needs met.

The use of imagery can promote deeper understanding by both the client and the hypnotherapist. Through imagery, anchors, and other tools, we will work on increasing your endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) and work on releasing the hold these addictive substances have on you. There are many forms of addiction.

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Forms Of Addictions Included:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Technology addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Work addiction
  • Food addiction
This treatment definitely requires a great deal of specialization. Hypnotherapy is also used to delve into the person’s mind to root out underlying causes for the addictive behavior. Your success and the value of sessions will be based on what you put forward. It is important to not put a time frame on the number of hypnotherapy sessions. If you do this you are only putting a time frame on your success. There is no set number of sessions when dealing with addiction. It is your choice as when you feel ready to leave therapy but you must come to every session with the notion that it is very important and that the problem is going to be dealt with as quick as we can.

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Specialized hypnotherapy, NLP, & transformative coaching to help you navigate challenges and manifest your goals.

These hypnotherapy sessions are very directive. The hypnotherapist guides you to help yourself by conditioning you to change your behavior into more productive and positive ones. These sessions will give you more insight into your motivations and behavior. We will explore the origins and the behavior of your addictions and behaviors so they can be understood.

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