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Breathwork is conscious connected breathing in a cyclical way that allows you to release control and experience whatever emotions come up in order to heal. In breathwork, you normally lay down on your back. Through this process, you connect the inhales, and the exhales, and cut out the normal pause between breaths; somewhat like a circular or spiral type sequence. As soon as the inhale is up, the exhale begins right away.

During a session you can also just be and allow your mind to run wild and take you to wherever it needs to go. Through breath work you are able to drop into a deep meditative state and expand your awareness of self. You will come out feeling much lighter, refreshed, and rejuvenated – glowing even

When you learn to get out of your way, you can reclaim that which has been waiting for you. Breathwork helps you release the ego and let your true self and soul break through. You will be taken on a journey by sticking with a specific pattern of breathing.

General breathwork is very different than Pranayama in that there are no pauses in breathing. In Pranayama, the breath is extended so that it can slow the thoughts. Breath work helps you obtain conscious connected breathing, which does the opposite of slowing the thoughts. Rapid healing takes effects. I have found that breathwork is one of the most powerful tools out there for healing and transformation. Other types of breathwork include Holotropic and Shamanic breathwork.


Breathwork hypo-oxygenates the cells. Because the blood stream is flooded with more oxygen than you normally take in at a very rapid rate, it causes a rapid healing to take place in the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.

Breathwork is so potent in reaching higher states of awareness and consciousness. It has been studied and used by many therapists beyond the western modalities and scientific minds. Through breathwork alone, one can bring to the surface things that the body is ready to release.

If you want to experience transformation starting from the inside out using the power of breath, contact me for healing sessions:

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