Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

About Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT or better known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, is a method of tapping with the fingertips at the endpoints of the bodies energy meridians while tuning into a problem. EFT helps to get to the core issues, and fixes the energy disruption. In other words, it changes the charge of the emotion on that issue. Through this method, fears, dramas, limiting believes, cravings, bad habits and other things can simply just go away.

When we have unresolved negative emotions they contribute in a major way to physical pain, disease and anxiety. The disruption in the bodies energy system can be the cause of all negative emotions. The basic recipe is a simple taping procedure. It’s also called the 100% overhaul concept. Since we don’t always know what energy meridians are out of balance, we do the 100% overhaul and that way it covers it all and we know we’ve addressed it. This basic recipe resets the entire system and is quick, efficient and easy to memorize. If we tap on points that are not disrupted it’s totally fine. It won’t do any harm whatsoever. We are still getting the meridians that do need balancing. All that is necessary is for you to know where these meridian points are.


Through a session a trained therapist can properly teach you the correct techniques and procedure. During a one to one in person or virtual session we will go over how to make sure our energy system is properly set up and properly oriented. You’ll be taught how to make sure the tapping procedure is effective and how to make sure there is not an interference in your general polarity reversal. This refers to when our energy is cross switched.

Take batteries as an example – When the battery is reversed in an electronic device and the negative and positive ends are switched, it malfunctions. No matter how many times you try to make it work it will not. Just like batteries, our body has this positive and negative polarity. If they are switched you can try to use this emotional freedom technique all day long and even other modalities but it will not have great results.

Note that this polarity reversal is not the same as the energy disruption within our meridians. You may be asking what causes this general polarity reversal. Well, this psychological reversal is caused by negative and self-defeating thoughts within the subconscious mind. Sometimes we’re not even aware that we are doing this. It’s present about 40% of the time and we are never consciously aware that we are doing this. Even the most positive people can have it.

These negative and self-defeating thoughts can causes our energy to flow in the wrong direction. This can completely stop any progress. Other things that can cause general polarity reversal are depression, chronic negativity, and self-defeating thoughts, addictions, sensitivities to food and even prolonged exposure to electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets or computers.


EFT was discovered purely by accident by Dr. Roger Callahan in 1980 in California. Dr. Callahan was intrigued by the bodies energy system and one day decided to tap on a patient’s meridian points to help treat her from a chronic problem she had not been able to get relief from prior through other conventional methods. To his astonishment her phobia of water went away immediately. This is how the essence of EFT was discovered. His discovery statement was “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”


EFT is an easy, effective, and efficient tool to help relieve and to clear all traumas, negative memories, hurts or angers from the past. It can illuminate jealousy and accumulated stress fears or clear all negative beliefs that get in the way of losing weight, attracting a wonderful relationship or increase prosperity. EFT continues to bring rapid and permanent results to many people.

Because many of these issues are all brought on by the same thing, an imbalance in the body’s electrical system can be cleared by tapping. Tapping is a great tool to use in a session and once learned it can be taken home and used in the moment. Clients who are the most successful use it both in a session and at home.

Through a session you will learn the basics of EFT. Although it is a simple tool in essence, it is an art form that needs to be practiced and learned well. Through these healing sessions, you can clear away that which is not wanted to the things that we do want in our lives can come to us. With it, you can easily clear away the negatives and begin to create a wonderful future full of more fun, joy, happiness and freedom.

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