Why Character is Destiny

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Read Brooke Sprowl’s article on why character is destiny here.

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  1. So interesting! I’ve been thinking about this. I really didn’t express it to myself as a lie, I think we get very confused about concepts and definitions. Because what used to be a very long time customary is collapsing. The give and take of collective opinion was unified. And now the interpretations of this or that phenomenon can be so different that it is unclear how to make sense of it. In general, it’s as if consciousness is trying to grasp the duality of each phenomenon, and because of this, uniqueness is lost and confusion arises. People are globally reconstructing their worldview, and this thought of “dying not to decide” I understand it perfectly. I had it, not in a serious form, but as a condition. It’s hard, constantly changing your train of thought, discovering new meanings and new perspectives of others on what surrounds us each time. When I realize that even my significant other sees what I see, but in a very different way, I realize that the other person’s world is a foreign environment, another universe, and I cannot cross it out and say “no, it isn’t” to the other person’s opinion, because I clearly understand that in their world, it is. We are expanding our horizons, but we are increasingly losing ourselves in this pursuit to connect everything to everything and I don’t see a solution to stop it yet. I guess this is some stage and we have to go through it to figure out what we can always lean on.

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