Why Character is Destiny

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Every obstacle is an invitation into greater liberation. -Brooke Sprowl

Character refinement is the meta-process we use to approach the set of experiences we face in life, determining nearly every aspect of how we interpret and respond to what happens to us. 

As we allow our character to be refined by what we learn, we gradually begin to forge a path that empowers us to experience and shape our lives in increasingly powerful ways. 

This allows us to become the architects of our own lives.

Think of character like an internal map we are using to navigate the world. If the map is accurate, we can navigate easily and effectively. If the map is distorted, we will be led astray.

Honing our character is like constantly upgrading our internal maps based on what we encounter in the world. If we’re unwilling to update our inner maps, we will find ourselves lost, confused, and disempowered, going around in circles without gaining any ground. 

If we use our experiences to continually update our maps and refine our understandings, we will feel a sense of increasing self-efficacy, joy, and exuberance as we venture into new and exciting landscapes and gain mastery over the terrain. 

That’s why, in a very real way, character is destiny. 

By refining our character, we not only begin to self-select new experiences that completely change the course of our lives, but we also begin to create radically new ways of experiencing what we encounter.

These new ways of experiencing ourselves, others, and our circumstances are at heart of self-transcendence and authentic spirituality. And they follow naturally from character and integrity. 

Character and integrity are sides of the same coin. The degree to which we are living in integrity is an extension of our commitment to honing our character, and when we are committed to the iterative and ongoing process of character refinement, integrity follows naturally. 

Integrity means we are living in alignment with our deepest values, highest possibilities, and unique expression. It means we are walking in a way that reflects the deepest truths within us, both light and dark, and constantly expanding ourselves and our worldview in that process.

This allows us to transcend our ordinary limitations and ways of being. 

That is why, in a very real way, integrity is awakening: The embodiment of our integrity creates the conditions in which awakening naturally and inevitably arises. 

As we bring every area of our lives into deep integrity, balance, and wholeness, unexpected states of consciousness begin to emerge. 

Everything shifts.

Where we previously perceived problems, we see lessons, creating a state of ongoing self-transformation and growth. We begin to live in greater flow. And we experience ordinary life as precious and sacred. 

I call this phenomenon “emergence.”

Emergence is the latent spiritual, creative, and transformative energy that naturally awakens in the process of living in integrity with our deepest values, highest purpose, and unique gifts.

And that’s the basis of my psychospiritual model, Emergence Theory. 

When I began to identify the principles of emergence, it was completely life-changing. After a lifetime of seeking the newest psychological techniques and spiritual practices I thought would “save me,” I began to see that these practices, while powerful, did not produce deep and sustaining transformation without being grounded in a set of principles.

It wasn’t until I began to live in accordance with these principles that I could experience a shift in my consciousness that infused my everyday experience in the deep and lasting way I had always longed for. 

And now I’m finally ready to share this breakthrough model with others. 

That’s why my incredible collaborator Jamaica and I are leading a transformational retreat together in Costa Rica this year: we want to invite others to learn the principles that open up new ways of experiencing ourselves, our relationships, and the world––that last.

And we want to invite you to join us. 

Through our Integrity as Awakening retreat at the magical Blue Spirit Resort in Costa Rica, we will use the principles of Emergence Theory to chart a course to bring each area of ​your life––individual, relational, missional, and behavioral––into deep integrity, balance, and wholeness to unlock emergent states of consciousness such as flow, mystical experiences, and non-dual awareness to deepen our embodiment of individual and collective transformation. 

Through experiential sessions designed to activate your somatic intelligence, creativity, and spiritual awareness, our aim is to create the conditions that awaken the fullest expression of your being as an individual with a unique calling to serve the world in fulfillment of your own personal destiny. 

Check it out here

There are only a few spots left and we are screening the heck out of applicants to ensure the highest quality experience so, if you’re interested, you should apply now

Also, if you want to learn more about Emergence, living systems theory, fractal integrity, and much more, check out my latest episode of the On Living podcast featuring Jamaica.

It’s been a life-long quest for me to discover an authentic, meaningful, and non-dogmatic approach to spirituality, and Emergence Theory is the culmination of over two decades of spiritual exploration and 15 years of clinical experience and cross-disciplinary study, practice, and training. 

I’m so excited to finally have the opportunity to share this methodology in a deep, powerful, and immersive way that will allow others to embody meaningful and lasting changes. 

I hope you’ll join us for this one-in-a-lifetime experience at one of the most beautiful resorts in Nosara, Costa Rica. 

It’s going to be life-changing.


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Brooke Sprowl is the Founder of My LA Therapy, a concierge therapy practice, and My Truest North, a cross-disciplinary coaching and consultancy firm specializing in mission-driven entrepreneurs seeking greater integrity, spiritual awakening, and deeper ways to actualizing their higher purpose through collective service. With 15 years of clinical experience as an individual, couples, and family therapist, she is trained in a wide-range of approaches, from evidence-based therapy practices to peak performance and flow neuroscience techniques. Brooke is also the host of the podcast, On Living with Brooke Sprowl. She is passionate about writing, cognitive science, philosophy, integrity, spirituality, effective altruism, personal and collective healing, and curating luxury, transformational retreat experiences for people who are committed to self-discovery and using their unique gifts in service of the world.

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  1. So interesting! I’ve been thinking about this. I really didn’t express it to myself as a lie, I think we get very confused about concepts and definitions. Because what used to be a very long time customary is collapsing. The give and take of collective opinion was unified. And now the interpretations of this or that phenomenon can be so different that it is unclear how to make sense of it. In general, it’s as if consciousness is trying to grasp the duality of each phenomenon, and because of this, uniqueness is lost and confusion arises. People are globally reconstructing their worldview, and this thought of “dying not to decide” I understand it perfectly. I had it, not in a serious form, but as a condition. It’s hard, constantly changing your train of thought, discovering new meanings and new perspectives of others on what surrounds us each time. When I realize that even my significant other sees what I see, but in a very different way, I realize that the other person’s world is a foreign environment, another universe, and I cannot cross it out and say “no, it isn’t” to the other person’s opinion, because I clearly understand that in their world, it is. We are expanding our horizons, but we are increasingly losing ourselves in this pursuit to connect everything to everything and I don’t see a solution to stop it yet. I guess this is some stage and we have to go through it to figure out what we can always lean on.

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