"Fixing it": Prolonging Anxiety

By trying to “fix” our suffering, pain, and anxiety we often inadvertently prolong them. Trying to fix anxiety and pain rather than facing them can actually take us farther from healing. Suffering is inevitable; it’s a part of life and being human. When you accept it, it becomes an opportunity.

The fact that we can grow and learn from suffering does not make it less painful. However, it does mean we can bounce back faster. It means we can move on rather than creating a useless diversion from the task at hand. Focusing on fixing pain is an ineffective strategy that compounds the very pain it attempts to avoid.

When you feel and face the pain and suffering you are no longer controlled by it. It still hurts but it doesn’t dominate your life. Feelings, when embraced, usually pass relatively quickly. The more we avoid them, the more we create a backlog that can feel overwhelming and difficult to surmount.

Start tackling your pain one moment at a time. Feel it. Face it. Free yourself from it.

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