Reclaiming Soulful Living Retreat

Tulum, Mexico

Reclaiming Soulful Living:
Cultivating Awe, Beauty, and Present Moment Awareness

Reclaim your childlike wonder and connection to the innate magic of the world.

In the Spirit of Awe…

 Float in the mangroves
Dreamily float in the mangroves to open our creative and spiritual connection

Wave hello to manatees

We’ll boat out to a special location where we can wave hello to these unique and rare friends

Swim in underwater caves 

Explore swimming in stunning cenotes – unique underwater caves with turquoise water and stalactites. 

Visit sacred Mayan ruins

We’ll honor and connect with the spirit of the ancestors whose wisdom we can access still 

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spiritual retreat meditation creativity
non-dual awareness retreat spiritual awakening

Join Our Experience

Join this once-in-a-lifetime, transformational journey.

What does it mean to live soulfully? 

Remaining open-hearted in the face of life’s inevitable pain and loss is at the heart of keeping the child within us alive and staying close to our own soul.

As we grow and face the mounting heartbreak that life delivers each of us in time, we are prone to steel ourselves from the things that hurt. 

What we often fail to recognize is that as we close our hearts to pain, gradually we begin to close ourselves off to the magic, wonder, and beauty inherent in every moment of our lives.

Living soulfully is a practice of softening in the face of the inevitable harshness of life, allowing our grief to heal us, our pain to teach us, and our creativity to nourish us and transmute our heartache into something beautiful, transforming us in the process.

This requires the preservation of our own vulnerability by cultivating awe, creating beauty, and practicing present moment awareness while recognizing the holy in our daily lives, our interconnectedness with all things, and the god within us, others, and the living world. 

Reconnect with your creativity and wonder.

Non-Dual Mystical and Spiritual Awakening Practices

Non-dual awakening, embodied mindfulness, and shamanic journeying to access higher states of consciousness and restore your connection to source.

 Intuitive and Somatic Awareness Practices  

 Deepen your embodied presence and capacity to listen to your body’s innate wisdom, somatic intelligence, and ability to self-heal 

Creativity, Childlike Wonder, and Play

 Through creative writing, poetry, soul singing, play, music, and movement, we reconnect with our soul’s nourishment and our childhood innocence. 

 Communing with Nature

 Foster deep connection with nature as we remember ourselves in relationship with the Living Earth and relearn the language of the world. 

Higher Purpose and Calling

 Drawing from peak performance and flow neuroscience, we guide you to rediscover your soul’s calling and “reason for being.” 

 Shadow Integration and Parts Work

Through parts work, trauma healing, and shadow integration modalities, drawing from evidence based practices, we integrate and heal wounded and exiled parts of ourselves.

Join Our Experience

Join this once-in-a-lifetime, transformational journey.

Luxury amenities at the of where the Carribean coastline and jungle meet.


Luxury Accommodations 

High end amenities surrounded by lush mountains and jungle

White Sand Beach

Steps away from Playa Guiones, a 3-mile long white sand beach

Gourmet Meals

Gourmet, farm-to-table vegetarian cuisine catered daily

Resort Amenities

Access to a saltwater infinity pool and a resort spa offering ayurveda and massage treatments

Snorkeling, Surfing, & More

In your spare time, arrange optional activities such as surfing, snorkeling, beach volleyball, and canoeing. 

My LA Therapy|Transformational retreat at a luxury biosphere reserve in Tulum!
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My LA Therapy|Transformational retreat at a luxury biosphere reserve in Tulum!
Experienced facilitators with cross-disciplinary expertise.

Led by psychotherapist, entrepreneur, and author, Brooke Sprowl.

Brooke Sprowl, LCSW

With 15 years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist, Brooke Sprowl has dedicated her life to understanding what lies at the heart of psychological and spiritual transformation. 

Integrating evidence-based therapeutic modalities with flow neuroscience techniques and contemplative spiritual practices, Brooke is passionate about guiding people to bring every aspect of their lives into deep integrity, balance, and wholeness in order to unlock the latent spiritual, creative, and transformative energy that naturally awakens in the process that she calls “emergence.” 

Brooke is the founder and clinical director of My LA Therapy, a concierge, integrative therapy practice located in LA, where she leads a team of approximately 15 therapists and mental-health informed wellness professionals. 

She recently launched My Truest North, a retreat-based consultancy firm that specializes in helping mission-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to integrate self-healing, spirituality, and higher purpose in service of individual and collective transformation.

Brooke is a published poet, competitive beach volleyball player, and the host of the podcast, On Living with Brooke Sprowl, in which she interviews the world’s foremost experts in psychology, spirituality, personal transformation, cognitive science, neuroscience, and leadership. 

She is in the process of publishing several books of original poetry, and her upcoming book, Unavailable: Use Your Unhealthy Relationships to Awaken is scheduled to launch in early 2023. 

After the launch, she plans to begin working on her next book, which will outline the theory, principles, and practices of her psychospiritual model, Emergence Theory.

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Feeding the holy means remembering to speak the hidden language of the world, the language before language, the mother tongue that we knew as children, that is our birthright.

Our goal is to create an experience of healing, awe, beauty, and remembrance, as we foster deep connections with ourselves, one other, and forge a sacred romance with nature. 

Encouraging empowered co-leadership, we invite each of you to share your unique gifts through leading sessions and to engage in deep inquiry with yourself and one another as we facilitate practices that awaken profound awareness, open up new ways of being, and spark your creative imagination. 

Join Our Experience

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime, transformational journey.

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