There Are Other Options Other Than Suicide

Do you find yourself in a hopeless situation where you see no way out? Do you or know of others who struggle with worry, fear, and anxiety overwhelm you on a daily basis and there is no way to stop your suffering? In these kinds of cases, some people may consider suicide as a way to end their pain and suffering, however this is definitely not the answer to your current situation.

Here are 7 reasons why suicide is not an option regarding your fear related problems.

1. Things change over time: 

Regardless of your situation, events do not stay the same. You may feel very bad today, but it won’t last forever. Everything changes over time. This includes your current situation. Your circumstances will change on a daily basis so do not assume that your suffering will last forever. That is not the case.

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2. There are always other options: 

You may feel lost and confused, but the answers to your specific problems are out there. The key is that you have to find the answers. The answers to your problem will not come to you. The first step in finding the solution to your problem is to seek help from a qualified professional. Seeking assistance is the best thing you can do for yourself and is the first step in your recovery.

3. You can’t predict the future: 

Remember that no one can predict the future with one hundred percent certainty. Even if the thing that you are afraid of does happen, there are circumstances and factors that you can’t predict which can be used to your advantage. For instance, your at work and you miss the deadline for a project you have been working on for the last few months. Everything you feared is coming true. Suddenly, your boss comes to your office and tells you that the deadline is extended and that he forgot to tell you the day before. This unknown factor changes everything. Remember this little known fact when you are struggling with your mental health.

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4. Focus on the facts of your situation and not your thoughts: 

When people are depressed, they rely on their fearful, depressing, and negative thoughts. Your fearful thoughts are exaggerated and are not based on reality. When you are depressed, focus on the facts of your current situation and not on what you think. Do not assume anything regarding your current situation. Do not listen to your fearful thoughts.

5. Go to the hospital when it is that bad: 

If things are so bad that you are unable to function, drop everything and go to your local hospital or crisis center immediately. The people at the hospital will take care of your situation right away. There is no reason why you should continue suffering when help is available. Going to a hospital or seeing your doctor should not be scary because the people at those places know how to get rid of your suffering and help you to find peace in your life.

6. No situation is hopeless: 

There are many people and organizations that are willing to help you, but you must be willing to take advantage of this help. Regardless of your situation, take advantage of the assistance that is around you. Every problem has a solution. You just have to find it. The answers to your problems will not come to you. You have to make an effort.

7. Make the choice to find the answers to your problems: 

Remember your goal is to get better. Treat your mental health issues as a medical condition. If you have a medical condition, you go see a doctor to help treat it. The Same thing applies to your mental health issues. Go see a counselor and follow the advice given to you so you can get better. Make the choice that you will do your best to find the answers that will get your life back on track. You can do it if you make a serious effort!

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Stanley (Stan) Popovich is the author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear.” Stan has been on TV and the Radio and Stan also writes on various mental health topics for celebrities and other everyday people. For more free and valuable mental health advice, visit the Article and Blog Section of Stan’s website.




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