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My LA Therapy - Kim Smith
Certified Nutritionist

Kim Smith, Executive Chef

As a former executive chef, a certified nutritionist, and a professional beach volleyball player, I can’t help but spread the joy that a healthy and active lifestyle can bring to your life!

How I Work

We all experience obstacles when it comes to taking care of our bodies: stressful jobs, emotional ups and downs, and self-defeating beliefs about the way we look. I will provide you with easy and effective strategies to make balanced eating and an active lifestyle a part of your go-to routine. I also know how to pick the perfect avocado.

My goal is to help you learn to make delicious meals that are easy to prepare and tailored for your unique nutritional needstaking the science behind nutrition and pairing it with practical culinary advice, I will help you achieve your goals and make healthy eating a reality. I’m passionate about making nutritious cooking effortless and fun, combining culinary training and nutrition education with encouragement and emotional support.

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