Emily "Lee" Goldstein ASW

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You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.

— Maya Angelou

About Lee

The choice to start your journey in therapy is one of the hardest, but most rewarding decisions you can make. My own experience in my personal therapy has been one of the most impactful and transformative experiences of my life and has allowed me to live in a way I never thought possible.

I see the relationship between a client and therapist as a partnership. We become a team working together to help you heal, grow, and meet your self-determined goals so that you can begin to thrive. Supporting individuality while also considering the many identities one may hold, I am passionate about helping people gain the courage to live out their unique self-expression.

By addressing past traumas and healing old wounds, therapy can provide an avenue for each individual to live life in a way that is authentic and true to who they are. I will work with you to break patterns and cycles in your life that no longer serve you and to develop new ways of being that are based in consciousness and autonomy.

How I Work

I take a person-centered approach to therapy because I believe that you are the foremost expert on yourself, your life, and your unique needs in the therapy process.

Exploring how our past has shaped us and reflecting on those experiences helps us grow and heal in the present. Through this process, we can uncover and heal the unconscious forces that may be running the show behind the scenes and begin to change the repeating patterns that keep us stuck.

I work from an intersectional and trauma-informed perspective with the understanding that each person comes with their own unique histories, experiences, and ways of moving through the world.

As for treatment modalities, I draw primarily from Family Systems Theory, Psychodynamic Theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. While I have advanced training in these modalities, I will always tailor our work to focus on your individual needs and what is most effective for you.

I identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community and have a deep passion for serving my community members, however, I welcome clients from all backgrounds and am genuinely devoted to serving all who wish to begin their therapeutic journey.

Please reach out to me and I would be happy to set up a time for a short phone consultation for us both to determine if we are a good fit!

Office Location(s): Online and Mobile

I am a Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW) #108820. I am employed by My LA Therapy and supervised by Manuel Briones, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) #11831.

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