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Intimacy is what we most long for and what we most fear.

- Erwin MacManus

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Why Modern Dating is Hard

Unearth Your Unconscious Patterns with Dating Therapy

With the onslaught of online dating apps and matchmaking services out there, you would think your next relationship would be at your fingertips.

But, modern dating presents more difficult challenges than ever before.

Between cycling through dating apps, and grappling with the difficulty of finding people in your area, and the lack of time it takes to do all of this, it can be really challenging to find what you want in a relationship.

It’s also a tough pill to swallow that dating isn’t always rainbows and butterflies like it is in fairytales and movies. 

News flash: prince/princess charming doesn’t always save you in the end and it’s not always a happily ever after. Sigh.

No wonder so many of us have such negative feelings—like trust issues and fears of settling—when it comes to dating and relationships.

Our unconscious issues can negatively impact our dating lives and make it difficult for us to attract the right partner and sustain healthy relationships over time. 

But, don’t despair. 

Rather than waiting for your prince or princess to come rescue you, our therapists are here to help you heal and become the best version of you so you can make space for the right person to enter your life. 

You know the old cliche, you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you back?

Well, it’s actually very true. And we’re here to help you get there.

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Research-Based, Personalized Therapy for Dating

Cultivate Confidence, Authenticity, and Self-Worth with Dating Therapy

Our therapists are trained in the latest research and methods can help you overcome the unconscious patterns that may be getting in the way of creating deep and authentic connections while dating, ultimately increasing your chances of finding the right partner and lead to a long-lasting, healthy relationship. 

One that is founded on respect, honesty, and open communication—on both sides.

Yep, it does exist!

By fully understanding yourself and how you think, feel, and function—and truly beginning to love yourself—you will be able to create space for a healthy relationship.

And you will have the tools to better understand your partner and the dynamics of your relationship, making it last in the long-run.

It can be difficult to acknowledge the reasons your relationships haven’t panned out in the past.

But, it’s so important to think about your past relationship patterns in order to make a change to your love life.

A common pattern might be going after people who are emotionally unavailable.

Can you relate?

In therapy, we will break down why you gravitate towards these types of people and ways to avoid this tendency in the future.

Another behavior that could be negatively impacting your chances of finding the right partner is your own low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Learning how to shift certain negative habits of thinking and relating and how to change self-sabotaging behaviors is what will lead to more successful relationships in the future.

Trust is also a key factor when it comes to dating.

If you have trust issues, it’s helpful to know where these problems come from and heal the underlying issues so you can enter your relationships with greater peace and security.

Research-based, personalized therapy.

At My LA Therapy, our warm and experienced therapists specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, & relationships.

CBT & Dating Therapy

How CBT Helps with Anxiety, Self-Esteem, and Self-Limiting Beliefs in Dating

One modality of therapy that can be useful for improving your dating hang ups—or personal struggles in general is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works by targeting negative, irrational beliefs that may be holding you back.

Once you identify your negative beliefs, you can challenge them with more rational responses.

Eventually these new thought patterns will become second nature, and you will be able to move through life with more confidence and peace.

For example, if you believe all men/women cheat, you can use CBT methods to come up with examples of people in your life who have NOT cheated.

By countering your limiting beliefs with evidence, you can train your brain to think more realistically.

Check out our dedicated page on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to learn more.

Couples counseling is another great form of therapy for when you are in a relationship and want to make sure you’re creating a strong foundation to weather any storms that may come.

Sometimes having a neutral territory allows both partners to express their feelings freely.

And having a moderator there—a.k.a your therapist—can help with asking the right questions, coming to insightful conclusions, and mapping out the best course of action for how to keep your relationship strong.

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At My LA Therapy, our highly-vetted Dating experts are selected not only for their clinical acumen but for who they are.

Our Dating Therapy Integrates Research-Based Methods

Our Dating Therapists Specialize in Helping You Overcoming Unconscious Issues

Therapy can successfully improve your dating and love life by helping you minimize the anxiety in your life, identify and change underlying thought and behavioral patterns that contribute to your dating struggles, and provide you with strategies to decrease discomfort while restoring an overall sense of peace.

To experience true and lasting joy in our life, we must face and conquer our pain by healing our underlying trauma and confronting our fears.

Our evidence-based, scientifically proven interventions are demonstrated by research to be effective in overcoming anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem that can get in the way of finding healthy partnerships.

Why My LA Therapy?

The Benefits of Choosing Us for Dating Therapy

Our Dating Therapists

Our warm and experienced dating therapists are highly-vetted and selected not only for their clinical acumen but for their dedication to their own ongoing personal and professional growth. 

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Research-based, personalized therapy.

At My LA Therapy, our warm and experienced therapists specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, & relationships.

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