Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Hypnotherapy for Phobias


Phobias unlike Fears are irrational in nature. They can appear when no real danger is present. Unlike fears, phobias serve no real useful purpose. Phobias, on the other hand, are very different, being out of all proportion to the situation or object which elicits the fear. People can have a phobia towards almost anything. There are more than 500 phobias recognized to date.

Another way to explain a phobia is a feeling that is uncontrollable, excessive, unrealistic and or illogical. It can be elicited by an object, situation, or activity. It usually involves strong physiological and emotional responses.

Rules to follow

General rules to follow when questioning whether it is a fear or a phobia:

  1. When did it start? It is more common for a phobia to develop in adulthood.
  2. You feel vague about the onset of the problem.
  3. You are aware that your reactions are irrational in nature.
  4. It has developed from an unknown primary cause.
  5. You were triggered by an event and now every time you do this thing or relive it, you have the same reaction.

There are many reasons for phobic behaviors that will be explored in these sessions. In extreme and more serious cases, the phobic stimuli will trigger highly irrational and uncontrollable responses, which, over time can escalate the situation into extreme coping, or compensatory behavior. Once example of this is agoraphobia, where the individual becomes unable to leave the house as a result of continual anxiety about open spaces. The individual, as a result of this extreme behavior, ceases to be able to lead a normal life. All this can be addressed through hypnotherapy sessions by using a few tools.

Main tools

  1. Symptomatic Approach
  2. Desensitization
  3. Dream Therapy

Phobias stop you from fulfilling your purpose here on earth. To remove them we must go deep within so they can be wiped away from the surface. Let’s reach in deep within your subconscious were the ideas were created. Down to the deep soul level. Hypnotherapy for dealing with phobias has a 93% success rate over other traditional therapies.


Seeking help with fears is one of the most common reasons clients come in for hypnotherapy treatment. The difference between a fear and a phobia is that a fear unlike a phobia is rational. You know where it comes from or where it stems from and it is a very useful survival mechanism. It is fear that lets you know to take action. Fears are rational. It is an emotion of varying intensity aroused by a recognized and logical threat and involving a fight/flight response. It arouses a feeling of unpleasant tension, a strong impulse to escape, and physiological changes, e.g, changes in breathing. In the case of fear, the primary cause of the fear stimulus is usually a known factor. The client can generally define the fear and often knows when the fear started. Most fears are established in childhood.

Common fears, fear of:

  • loss
  • rejection
  • success
  • failure
  • pain
  • exposure
  • strangers
  • homosexuality
  • sexual performance
  • poor sports performance
  • responsibility
  • the unknown

Hypnotherapy uses a subconscious approach. This approach in dealing with fear is to get you to reconnect with the original incident of fear. In 2016 a study published in the journal of Cerebral Cortex, researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine discovered that distinct areas of the brain show altered activity under hypnosis, finding changes in brain areas associated with focused attention, somatic and emotional control, and the awareness of a person’s internal and external environments during guided hypnosis sessions. The purpose of sessions to release fear is to develop new coping mechanisms. People develop coping mechanisms to serve a purpose but over time, as we grow, they no longer serve us and we need to acquire new tools.


Grawben Corona, C.Ht.
Grawben Corona, C.Ht.

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