Trauma Focused CBT

When we experience trauma, sometimes we begin to feel like our pain is who we are. It can be difficult to see past the pain and sometimes it can even be difficult to see the possibility of healing. However unthinkable what you have suffered is, We will help you discover that your pain is not who you are and does not define you. Using TF-CBT and moving at a pace that is comfortable for you, we will create a safe place for you to process your trauma so that it no longer rules your life.

TF-CBT for Children and Teens

This approach has been proven particularly effective in the treatment of children and adolescents that have experienced trauma. TF-CBT uses trauma-sensitive interventions. It combines these with cognitive-behavioralfamily, and humanistic principles to help heal your trauma.

Though this approach, We teach children and parents techniques to help process thoughts and feelings related to the traumatic event. We will help you enhance safety skills, increase family communication, and resolve distressing thoughts.

Research-based, personalized therapy.

At My LA Therapy, our warm and experienced therapists specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, & relationships.

TF-CBT Treatment

Our focus in treatment is to help you break free of the patterns that keep you stuck. Together we will learn strategies that create change, self-awareness, and personal growth. Our goal is to create a nonjudgmental and validating environment that fosters self-worth and empowerment. We believe in creating a safe and nurturing space in which to uncover what’s holding you back. Our approach is warm and collaborative. We are committed to guiding you to become the best version of yourself.

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At My LA Therapy, our highly-vetted Trauma Focused CBT experts are selected not only for their clinical acumen but for who they are.

This approach is research proven to help you overcome trauma and PTSD.

We have experience working with a variety of challenges including low self-esteem, anxiety, mood disorders, and problems with relationships and intimacy. We use a blend of many evidenced-based practices to guide you toward emotional health and wellbeing.

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Trauma Focused (TF-CBT) Therapists

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