Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is an evidence-based, integrative approach to therapy that provides interventions and exercises to couples looking to strengthen connection, awareness, understanding, and empathy within partnership. 

Based on more than 40 years of continuous couples therapy research and clinical practice, Gottman Method Couples Therapy supports couples in identifying patterns of defenses that interfere with effective communication and emotional connectedness in order to deepen intimacy and foster growth in the relationship.

According to the Gottman Institute’s research, the foundational principles of creating a healthy relationship are showcased, supported, and strengthened through the Gottman Method Couples Therapy with the guidance of a Gottman-trained therapist in session:

Building Love Maps

This is a technique to figure out how deeply you know and understand your partner. Through love maps, you can find out how in touch you are with your partner’s background and history, as well as their worries, stressors, and things that bring them joy.

Sharing Fondness and Admiration

This practice explores the ways in which partners can express respect and appreciation for one another in order to build genuine closeness and reduce contempt. 

Turning Towards Instead of Away

A vital part of communication is telling your partner what you need and allowing them into your life instead of blocking them out.

The Positive Perspective

When trying to solve problems, having a positive approach invites growth and openness to various solutions. 

Managing Conflict

This practice recenters conflict as natural and an opportunity for growth in relationships, rather than an indication of demise. Managing conflict (as opposed to resolving conflict) allows for the discussion to be functional, growth-centered, and potentially positive. Within this framework, couples explore the differences between perpetual problems and solvable problems, and the most effective ways to approach each. 

Making Life Dreams Come True

How to support each other in a relational environment that encourages each person to share openly about hopes, dreams, and values.

Creating Shared Meaning

Within this framework, couples gain a deeper understanding of goals, roadblocks, and underlying stories that are at the center of the relationship. 


This is extremely important. Trust is when you know you can rely on your partner to center your wellbeing in their behavior and thinking. 


This is also vital; staying committed to your partner is important to ensure a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

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The good news is, therapy can successfully help you identify and change underlying thought and behavioral patterns that contribute to your relational and communication problems, and provide you with strategies to decrease discomfort while restoring an overall sense of peace.

To experience true and lasting joy in life, we must heal our underlying trauma and by confronting our fears and learning new ways of relating to ourselves and restoring self-trust and vitality. 

See the About Therapy page for a deeper look into this process. 

Our evidence-based, scientifically proven interventions are demonstrated by research to be effective for improving relationships and communication.

Through treatment techniques like Imago Relationship Therapy, we can help you take the correct direction in making the lifestyle changes that can allow you to heal and improve your relationships.

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