About NLP For Self Esteem

The way we view ourselves is so vital to our happiness. To have a positive inward view of our self creates the same positive effect in our life. Everyone has their own unique experiences in life that created them to think, feel and be a certain way. Going through life with low self esteem can be exhausting when our natural state is joy and bliss. This can affect your life is all facets, career, health, relationships, spirituality and plays a part in the decisions you make for yourself.


With NLP being our own map of our unique reality, we can navigate in what areas need attention. During a session, we will work through a series of questions allowing the mind to freely express itself. NLP also uses different visualization techniques to rewire the way we think towards yourself and others. Different exercises using visuals, listening, and writing creates a holistic approach to helping overcome limiting beliefs and improving self esteem. The goal is to be more available to step into the best version of yourself in a warm and welcoming way. NLP brings a new perspective to one’s lifestyle, mindset and view of themselves.

When we have lowered self esteem, it may be because we have lost touch with our true self. With NLP, there are two very important internal resources. They are our ability to learn and ability to adapt. Learning flexibility, we can expand our capacity to maintain high-self esteem. Adaptability helps us with coping and going through changes we cannot control. This process focuses on what we want instead of what we don’t and puts more emphasis on the positive. NLP also has two powerful presuppositions of NLP. One is knowing we already have all the resources we need. The other is there is no failure only feedback. NLP helps us tap into our innate power.


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