NLP For Depression

Depression can sometimes feel like a heavy and foggy lens to live life through. The feeling of depression consists of different layers of stagnancy in the emotional body. NLP helps bring lightness and clarity to the way we think, feel and act. We help our brain walk through its own unique process to figure out where the disconnect is between the conscious and unconscious. This will bring relief to both the mind and the body. It helps us move along the charged emotions that are in the way of feeling the full spectrum of our true feelings within.

This process involves visualization practice, asking questions and developing new strategies for your neurology to respond to such as pattern interrupts, anchoring different emotional states, timeline therapy and belief change. The goal is to get the mind in balance and clear limiting beliefs. Using these techniques will allow your mind to think in a new way naturally

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How it Works

In Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the senses and sensory information is vital – they connect you deeper into your present experience. Depression can have many levels of effect on the neurology. Using different access points allows your mind to feel safe to dive into the unconscious mind that is holding onto these patterns that are sometimes stuck on auto pilot.

Our unconscious mind is in the driver’s seat for most of our day. Using NLP, we teach your mind how to dissociate with the old emotions and sensations that keep you feel stuck and weighed down then, develop new ways of thinking, feeling and being so you can operate with more ease, clarity and happiness. While NLP solely is not a cure for depression, it can take on a very important part of the full recovery from depression by breaking the barrier of what is at the root causes of it all.

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