NLP For Anxiety

We understand anxiety can have an effect on all areas of your life and can sometimes feel out of reach. Anxiety is a symptom of your neurology and physiology letting you know of a greater problem or a signal you are in need of something. As anxiety can sometimes feel uncontrollable, it is absolutely something that can be handled.

How it Works

NLP can assist in anxiety by reframing the trigger points of where the anxiety is stemming from. By rewiring the way the brain reacts to certain situations, patterns, traumas and behaviors it will allow your brain to function from a more stable and responsive place. During a session, new neuro-pathways will be developed to reframe or harness the power of anxiety and stress and use it as a stepping-stone in your life.

During a session, to work through anxiety, we will walk through different scenarios to break down the pattern of how, when, where and why this feeling comes up. Then, we will switch some of those beliefs into a more stable place using emotional resource anchors, swish patterns, and belief change visualization practices. A lot of times, your anxiety is just trying to tell you something so, the more clear you are the easier it is to truly gain a positive outcome from these patterns. Many people have different reasons for these sensations to come up so, figuring your unique process is a very important part. The unconscious mind holds on to patterns and the way to overcome that programming is to rewrite that story.

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Anxious symptoms are not limited to worry or nervousness, but can also appear in unexpected ways, including:

  • Restlessness, irritability or feeling on edge
  • Racing thoughts, ruminating or obsessing
  • Being easily fatigued
  • Muscle tension
  • Difficulty concentrating or mind going blank
  • Sleep disturbance, difficulty falling asleep or restless, unsatisfying sleep
  • Physiological symptoms as in panic attacks (e.g. heart palpitations, chest pain)
  • Sweating or trembling
  • Having difficulty controlling worry
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Trouble concentrating or thinking about anything other than the present worry.

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