Monica Dornick, AMFT


About Monica

To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear.

Stephen Levine

As an integrative and collaborative therapist, I am passionate about weaving a creative, holistic, and trauma-informed approach into my work with you. As a former athlete and first responder, I understand the connection between mind and body, tuning into both the emotional and physical sensations you may be experiencing using mindfulness techniques. 

I believe the process of therapy is a radical act of self-compassion to be celebrated. My desire is to empower you in actualizing your true authenticity and developing skills to improve relationships with others and most importantly the relationship with yourself. 

Therapy can be an enlightening and amazing journey and can bring up a lot of pain while the healing happens. Through these harder sessions I will be walking alongside you in your experience. 

How I Work

I lean towards a psychodynamic approach however I view our work together as something that is flexible, integrative, and ever evolving to your unique needs. We will explore and understand how your pain, patterns, thoughts, feelings, behaviors may be connected to past experiences and what function they serve for you today. I believe that we have many different parts of ourselves and each one of those parts serves or has served a function, which deserves to be held, honored, and validated.

In creating a safe, comfortable, and growth-centered therapeutic relationship, I hope to give you a space to meet yourself in a compassionate and authentic way. I’m right there with you.

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Office Location(s): Mar Vista, Culver City, El Segundo, Online and Mobile

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