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LA Personalized Fitness Training for Your Pregnancy and Beyond

Safely Nourish Your Body and Prepare for Motherhood with Personal Training for Pregnancy

The journey of pregnancy and motherhood is unique, and so are your fitness needs during this time. With nearly two decades of experience, I, Alex Federici, specialize in guiding women through a fitness regimen tailored to the extraordinary journey of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Whether in the gym or your home, we focus on preparing your body for childbirth and ensuring a balanced return to your pre-pregnancy strength and conditioning.

Specialized Pregnancy Training Programs

From Pregnancy to Recovery: Specially Designed Programs for Each Stage of Pregnancy

Prenatal Strength and Mobility Training

Enhance your body’s readiness for childbirth with exercises that adapt as your pregnancy progresses.

Postnatal Recovery and Conditioning Training

Ease your body back to its pre-pregnancy condition with focused, restorative training sessions.

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My Integrative Personal Training Specialties

Science-Based, Integrative Personal Training

Working with pregnancy is one of many specializations I’ve honed over 20 years of experience in fitness. The best approaches to sustainable, long-term fitness integrate multiple aspects of fitness for optimal wellbeing. Learn more about my other areas of special expertise and training in fitness. 

Why Choose Alex for Pregnancy Personal Training?

Expert Personal Training Guidance Through Pregnancy & Beyond

Empower Your Motherhood Transition

Transformative Training for New Mothers

Reclaim Your Strength and Well-being Throughout Pregnancy

This special time in your life deserves special attention. As your LA-based personal trainer specializing in pregnancy and postnatal fitness, I’m dedicated to supporting your health, strength, and confidence throughout your journey into motherhood.

Pregnancy training, tailored for you.

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Personal Training for Pregnancy

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