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Whether you’re looking to redefine your physique, enhance your strength, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, weight training stands unparalleled. I’m Alex Federici, your dedicated guide in LA for bodybuilding and weight training. With nearly two decades of experience, especially in empowering women, I’m here to help you become your strongest, healthiest, and most confident self.

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Gain the confidence to navigate any gym with knowledge and purpose. I’ll equip you with the fundamentals of weight training, ensuring you start your fitness journey on the right foot.


Ready to take your training to the next level? Let’s refine your techniques and tackle new challenges to achieve your body goals.


Break through plateaus and achieve your pinnacle physique. With personalized strategies, we’ll push the boundaries of what you thought possible.

Philosophy and Approach Section

A Comprehensive Approach to Fitness

My approach to training goes beyond the weights. It’s about building a lifestyle that embraces strength, health, and confidence. Weight training is for everyone—regardless of age, experience, or fitness level. With the right guidance, every goal is attainable.

Why Choose Alex?

Empowering Your Fitness Transformation

Choosing me as your personal trainer means embarking on a fitness journey that’s enjoyable and fulfilling. With a focus on empowering especially women in the gym, I bring nearly 20 years of experience to help you achieve the best shape of your life. Together, we’ll make every dream and goal a reality.

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