Somatic Educator & DreamWork Guide

Kate Robison

About Kate Rynn Foa (she/they)

Find your true weakness and surrender to it. Therein lies the path to genius.

Moshe Feldenkrais

Sensation is our birthright: it guides us, protects us and reminds us that we belong. Apprenticing the powers of our tenderness, we can witness a spontaneous change in the use and experience of ourselves and how we animate our lives. 

With over 14 years of study in somatics including apprenticing with Amy Cooper of the Shasta Yoga Center, Feldenkrais Method® trainings both at the Esalen Institute as well as the Institute for Somatic Studies and Education in San Francisco, embryological and systems development work with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s School of Body-Mind Centering, rites of passage work with Annie Bloom of the Animas Valley Institute and Buffalo Dreaming Lodge and a longstanding apprenticeship with Raven DreamTracking, I am equipped to meet you in the deep wilderness of your being. Together we will explore the mysterious codes hidden in your dreams and turn toward the body as a sacred laboratory for learning, fortifying and understanding more clearly the longing of your heart and the reason why you are here, in your body, on this earth.


Utilizing the Feldenkrais Method® and other somatic strategies, I can support you in untangling the knots in your nervous system–the habits of mind and body–restoring an ease in being that emerges oftentimes without much effort, trusting in your own nature, and more fully occupying your body and your life.


  • Sitting-at-a-desk-and-computer-all-day-folks
  • Artists, performers, & musicians 
  • People wanting more options and courage in their movement and creativity
  • Non-binary folks
  • Those dealing with illness
  • Seniors exploring meaning and mobility
  • Folks who are in wheelchairs, who are facing the loss of a limb or a function or who have been born with alternative functionality. 
  • Someone who has lost movement and wants to explore getting some back
  • Professional movers/dancers/athletes wanting to hone their chops
  • Basically anyone with a body!


  • confusion about your gifts 
  • Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD)
  • shame
  • decolonization of the mind/body
  • growing your literacy while in nature

If you are seeking support as you face these issues,
I would be honored to support you in exploring what healing means to you.


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