How to Stop the Feeling of Growing Fear and Anxiety Around Your Money

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How to Stop the Feeling of Growing Fear and Anxiety around Your Money

Financial anxiety is one of the most common types of anxieties that people face nowadays. Unfortunately, we live in a society in which the amount of money we produce represents our status in society, and the more expensive things you possess, the more integrated you’ll be in this society.

For that reason, we are in this constant marathon to gain more to buy more. Every month we are living in fear that we won’t earn enough; which means we won’t be able to buy that new car, and we have to wait for more to level up our social status.

Of course, the anxiety grows when you have a credit at the bank that puts pressure on your goals, or it can even threaten your basic survival needs. Money can really be the root of all evil, but only if you allow them to be.

You see, we all know and even say (pretty often) that money isn’t everything. But why we still act like they are? I know it’s not easy to not think about money when you can’t do many things without them. But giving to some pieces of paper the power to rule you by fear isn’t the solution to anything.

Yes, money is essential, but they are worthless when they ruin your mental and physical health. Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting how to stop the feeling of growing fear and anxiety around your money.

Calm Your Mind – Breathe – Mediate

First things first, you need to take some time and space for yourself. Find an area where you feel safe and at most comfortable. A quiet place in nature is the best space if you ask the specialists from NSBroker who are great at sorting out the best time to relax and to work.

Now that you have time and space for yourself, it is time to take a deep breath and calm your mind. Calm that negative self-talk that you’ll never have enough money to achieve your goals.

Just allow yourself to stop all those thoughts and calm down for a while. Calm your mind, focus on your breath, and even meditate. Just lay down and look at the sky for 15 minutes. To stop the feeling of fear and anxiety, you must first calm down.

Accept Your Fears and Anxiety

The first step towards any type of change is acceptance. If you deny or ignore your problems, they won’t just disappear. Eventually, you’ll be only making it worse.

Now that you are in a calm state of mind, it is the best time, to be honest with yourself and accept your fears and anxieties regarding your finances. You can even take a pen and paper and write it all down. Just allow that you are in this situation and take it for what it is – an opportunity to evolve.

Understand Why You Feel the Way You Feel

The third step in your journey and the hardest one I’d say, is understanding why you have this problem. What led you towards this situation? How did you end up here precisely?

Ask yourself these three questions and do your best to figure it out. Honesty and genuine care to get yourself out of this situation are essential in overcoming your money anxiety. This step might take you a while, but with understanding comes knowledge, which is the only weapon against any mental issues.

Control Your Finances – Make a plan

The first three steps are crucial, and you can even stop there. But to ensure that you’ll never get there again, and to make your situation even better than ever, you’ll need a plan. Just like you ask in school for help to control you’re your grades, you should ask now for a specialist to help you manage your finances.

You have to be in total control over your finances. You need to make a masterplan that will assure you that your finances will be wisely spent and smartly saved.

Track Your Expenses

Tracking your expenses is the best thing you can do for yourself and your fears around your money. An app that allows you to track every little thing you spend your money on it will bring so much clarity in your life.

We spend so much money on our daily coffee, snacks, cigars, and any guilty pleasures of ours that we don’t really need in our life. And when you track your money, you will realize how much you’ll be able to save if only you’ll stop buying one thing every day.

Stop Being a Consumer – Be Disciplined

Society wants us to be consumers – to buy all the things we don’t actually need. They like to have us in competition with each other so we’ll have the need to buy an item because our enemy bought it already.

But if you look on your plate at the things you really need to be satisfied with your life, you’ll realize that you won’t need a better TV than your neighbor, or a faster car. Let’s make an abstract of each other and be disciplined with what we buy.


Money should be just a way to get somewhere, not the reason you live for. Living poor is not the solution either. To live a balanced life and to understand money for what they are, and nothing more is the real answer.

Money can be a good thing, but only if you control them and not the other way around. Therefore, calm your mind, clear your negative thoughts, and be honest with yourself. Accept that your financial needs are ruling your life and genuinely understand why they have this power over your life.

Now, and only now, you can take back charge and make a master plan never to allow fear and anxiety to grow around your money. Remember, money comes and goes, and there’s always something you can do to gain more, but not at the expense of your mental or physical health.


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