How To Find A Therapist Near You

If you are typing “how to find a therapist Near You” on search engines — congratulations on taking that first step in finding the help you need. Making the decision to seek therapy can be frightening and overwhelming due to the stigma attached to mental health, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving yourself an opportunity to live a thriving and fulfilling life with some help.

Now, comes the crucial part: choosing a therapist that’s the right fit for your needs. You’re likely to be overwhelmed with endless research and therapy options if you search online. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, how do you know who’s the right therapist for you?

There are some key factors you need to consider that can help you narrow down your options. We detail them ahead.

What To Look For When Browsing For A Therapist Near You

Finding a therapist near you that’s good is similar to finding a fitting pair of stilettos that will not lead to nasty shoe bites. As you tackle life, your mind and heart, like your feet, are prone to a few bruises. Some are big, some are small — and having the right fit means you are able to recover more quickly and manage the after-care better.

The same is true for your mind: you use it continuously, relentlessly, and it doesn’t even stop working while you sleep. Healing your mind takes time, which is why therapy is never a quick fix, and success is often measured over multiple sessions.

When it comes to the effectiveness of therapy, The American Psychological Association has found that the therapist-patient bond is even more significant than the type of therapy itself. It is therefore imperative you find a competent therapist who is non-judgemental, experienced, and aligns with your beliefs to help you in your journey.

Here’s one place to start. Ask yourself these basic questions:

  • Would I feel comfortable with a man or woman?
  • Do I want to work with someone older, younger, or around my age?
  • Does it matter if the therapist is religious?
  • Do I need a specific type of therapy?

Speak to Them on the Phone

Looking For Therapists In Your Neighbourhood Is A Good Place To Start

As you may need to visit a therapist regularly, it is best to consider someone who’s in close proximity to you. You can opt for therapists in your neighborhood to avoid driving for miles for sessions each week, especially if they offer services you are interested in.Here is how you can find a therapist near you:

Ask Google

A simple keyword search such as “top therapists Near You” can show you the list of options for all credible therapists in your neighborhood. Also, watch out for their reviews on their Google My Business listings to guide your decision. You don’t want to opt for a therapist that has underwhelming testimonials.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Another helpful way is to talk to friends and family. Some might have had a great bond with a particular therapist and might recommend someone from that practice. Perhaps, some might even warn you regarding certain therapists, which can also be helpful to narrow down the options. It’s worth noting that you might not always be able to see your friend’s therapist, but their therapist might know people who have similar approaches that they can recommend professionally.

Make A List For Therapist Near You And Contact Each One

Even if you have excellent recommendations from friends and family, one thing worth noting is that we all may have different preferences and may feel comfortable with different people. The bond you share with a therapist (therapeutic alliance) is a critical part of the psychotherapeutic process and shouldn’t be compromised.

So, it may be helpful to make a list of therapists on your list and have a phone conversation with them. If they don’t have an option to do so, consider making several first appointments with multiple therapists and deciding after. Pay attention to the following: Do you feel understood and heard? Do you feel comfortable? Trust your gut and choose accordingly.

How To Choose The Best Therapist Near You

Consider the following when making the final decision:

  • Level of comfort, empathy, and understanding you feel with them
  • Their experience in dealing with clients similar to yours
  • The alignment with your personality and beliefs
  • Their credentials and licenses
  • Costs per session and if they are covered (fully or partially) under your insurance coverage
  • Scheduling flexibility and convenient location

Book A Session

We at My LA Therapy have 10+ psychotherapists who specialize in different areas of mental health and can help you deal with any mental health issues you are facing. Our convenient location in Santa Monica allows you to drop in any time and even opt for flexible scheduling. All our mental health professionals are vetted for their rapport building and ensure a comfortable and professional psychotherapeutic experience for every client. If you’re interested in working with some of the top-rated therapists in Santa Monica (just check out our testimonials and see for yourself!) — book a session with us today and we’ll match you with the therapist that’s right for you.

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