Functional Strength Training Specialist

About Functional Strength Training Specialist

Functional strength training is a method of training that helps with everyday activities that could leave you at high risk of injury. Throughout our lives injuries are almost inevitable, whether playing a sport, moving furniture incorrectly, picking up your kids, improper form while exercising or just staying sedentary in an office desk. This is why functional strength training is so important. The name of this training is explicit in what it’s trying to accomplish, as it really is about increasing strength for better functioning in your everyday activities. Functional strength training was developed to help you improve your strength and agility in all parts of the body so that you can move more effectively. It will also help you be prepare when you find yourself in these situations where injury is at high risk, for example picking up a suitcase or moving a desk.


The exercises that make up this kind of training mimic those of everyday activities but in the right setting and with mindful concentration on good posture, so that when you leave the gym, you’re able to use your new strength and knowledge to pick up that suitcase properly, without fear. These exercises include the use of free weights, medicine balls (weighted balls), resistance bands (almost like a larger rubber band), and your own body weight to add levels of difficulty. During our functional strength training sessions, we will use resistance, through the resistance objects listed above, to teach your body to use proper muscle groups during the exercises so that other muscles do not compensate in your daily routine, this being what leads to injuries. This will improve your capacity to do tasks efficiently. As an added bonus, you will also strengthen and tone your muscles, and lower your body fat percentage, keeping you strong, healthy, and looking your best.

Functional Strength Training Specialist

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