Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Many people express a sense of knowing what they want to do but not feeling capable of carrying it out. This is often a result of unconscious anxiety and defenses, which create a barrier between what we know intellectually and what we feel experiential. My primary theoretical orientation is a research-based Experiential Therapy, with my primary area of study and practice being Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP). Based on early experiences in life, we often learn that certain emotions are “bad” or off-limits. When these taboo feelings are activated, they may trigger conscious and unconscious anxiety, causing us to become disconnected and split off from parts of ourselves. Using Experiential Therapy, we can monitor and regulate anxiety, in order to gain greater access to our true selves and the healing properties of being deep, authentically connected.


The focus of this type of therapy is bridging the disconnect between the intellect and the intuition. This is done through the deep experiencing long-suppressed emotions such as anger, joy, and grief. Using these principles, we can together identify and break down unconscious defenses and anxiety. As a result, you will become free of the harmful, self-protective strategies that cause feelings of isolation, numbness or confusion and contribute to the development of unhealthy relationships that fail to meet your true needs. Through the release of negative emotions, we are able to experience positive feelings. Experiential Therapy can lead to a pain free lifestyle, get rid of unhappiness, and the overall negative feelings from your past. Through this technique, one can take a step towards positively changing current and future relationships. In addition, you are capable of living life to its full potential once these feelings have passed away. This powerful approach can restore your capacity to experience joy and intimacy in relationships and can transform a sense of helplessness into a state of strength, mastery, and vitality.


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Experiential Therapists

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