Deep Soulful Love ~ How To Give Him Space Without Losing Him

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Brooke Sprowl was featured as an expert in a Deep Soulful Love article, providing tips about how to give him space without losing him.

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  1. Been seeing someone for a couple years…we don’t live together. Have had issues with losing my dad who was my whole world when I was 15. Abandonment issues seem to part of what might be a problem for me. I find someone I click with and fall in love and just want to be with them so much. I am 50 and the guy I am seeing is 57. We are both well educated adults and I am worried about how to ask if there is anything more in our future or will we just continue on this casual basis. I don’t want to sound possessive, although I do have big issues with feeling threatened when I see him talking with other women.

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