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Love can be one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences life has to offer; but too often, our relationships bring us more pain than joy. In order to thrive as a couple, each person must be committed to exploring and healing the wounds we carry into a relationship. At My LA Therapy, our couples therapists will help you restore safety, trust, intimacy, and understanding within your relationship.

All relationships go through rough patches from time to time. But sometimes we lose sight of our love for one another because poor communication can create ever-deepening resentments and anger. In turn, the trust may be lost and the closeness that used to define a relationship can disappear. When that happens, it’s time to reach out to a counselor who can help.

In relationships, it’s easy to point the finger. We can see our partners’ shortcomings so clearly that it can become habitual to blame the other person for the problems in our relationships. However, quite often we contribute unknowingly to the very behaviors that upset us in our partners.

Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.



Through couples therapy, you will learn to see how each of you plays a role in the problems within your relationship. As each of you takes responsibility for your role in creating the dynamics at hand, you will each begin to heal the trust within the relationship and restore a deep sense of intimacy and love. With the guidance of our therapists, you will learn to communicate openly in a safe environment and begin to uncover the root of the problems you are experiencing. We will help you identify where your relationship is stuck and how to change the dynamics. We will explore how past experiences contribute to differing expectations about behavior, communication and conflict resolution in a relationship. As you become aware of the assumptions you carry into the relationship, you can begin to create a new set of expectations that you both understand and support. Through couples therapy, we will help you dispel the fears that lead couples to be defensive with one another and teach you how to communicate in new ways, allowing you to begin to express your love freely again — and to regain a deeper, more satisfying relationship.

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